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PSA - Scammers, Account Hackers and Bots

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Most of you have likely noticed more threads regarding scammers and account hacking, lately.  T

here have been multiple occurrences of folks getting private messages from new members offering to connect with someone selling stuff.  Obviously, everyone needs to keep their scammer-radar on high alert and use your judgement on these.  If you get contacted by a brand new member and the vibe feels 'scammy', then send myself or another admin a note about it.

There has also been a couple of instances recently where a user account is hacked, and suspicious (or just plain lame) content and malicious activity occurs.  As/when this happens, our only choice is to shut that account down.  If you find that your account is suddenly inaccessible to you, hopefully you have a friend or contact that can message one of the admins, else open a new account.   There are 1000s of user accounts, and thus far the occurrence of account take-overs has been super rare, but it might not be a bad idea for folks to go in and change your password just to be safe (Honestly, 'internet site 101' would say all of us should do that on a regular basis anyway...).



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