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To Glass a Coues

June 1, 2012 by CouesWhitetail in Poetry with 0 Comments

I rise up early with dawn a long ways off;
And few know why and some would scoff, 

Because it’s always dark and usually cold;
And I have to make myself do it if the truth were told. 

I lace up my boots, gather my binoculars and gear;
All for a possible glimpse of a Coues whitetail deer. 

As I stagger out the door and head for the truck;
I wonder if it’s worth it, to see a big Coues buck. 

I try to dismiss these negatives from my head;
But think deep down I should still be in bed,

 But the lure of watching these dainty little deer;
Draws me into a night, dark, cold and clear.

I drive through the dark ebony of night,
Finally reaching my destination and starting my hike.

By the glow of a flashlight I start my hike up,
But soon my legs are screaming to give up.

But to quit now would make my trip pointless. I will not stop!
I’ll just push a little harder until I reach the top.

As the peak of the mountain starts to draw near;
The light of a new dawn begins to appear.

Finally, I reach the top and shed my pack,
And the first rays of sunlight spread its warmth upon my back.

And there’s a pesky little gnat buzzing in my ear;
Oh but it’s so, so sweet to be sittin’ up here.

While I scan the canyon spread out at my feet;
I feel like a king on a jewel-studded seat

While glassing the basin for the buck below,
I wonder what my 15×60 Zeiss will show.

Soon some movement catches my eye,
And my attention focuses on a rack, wide and high.

My adrenaline rushes at maximum warp speed,
Because this is one magnificent Coues buck indeed.

I’ve seen some good bucks, that’s for sure;
But for Coues buck fever, there is no cure.

This poem was originally printed in the book “How to Hunt Coues Deer” by Duwane Adams and Tony Mandile and is reprinted here with permission.  You can purchase a copy of the book by visiting the bookstore.


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