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  1. MT_Sourdough

    Unit 8 Late Rifle Bull Elk Hunt

    I spend most of my time in unit 8 in the southern half of the unit. Until things change, I'd stay focused on and above the rim and in the canyons. The drought cleared elk out of the lower flats. I saw my first elk, since spring, down on the lower flats on Wednesday. There is much more food up high while things are just starting to green down low, so I doubt they'll drop down to the lower flats any time soon. On the other hand, if we get hit with snow come rifle season, those elk will drop down and it is good to know the area a little bit in advance. A good place to look right now are view points along the many canyon rims.
  2. MT_Sourdough

    Ok i was donated a 13b archery tag NOW WHAT? 😯

    The guy comes back home with a myriad of health issues after serving our country in Iraq . Right now he is sitting on his sofa with his foot in a cast after his 18th gazillion surgery. I suppose "lucky" is a relative term.
  3. MT_Sourdough

    Low life Camera thiefs

    I think some people fail to acknowledge that the whole universe does not rotate around them. Elk herd size has other determiners than the wants and wishes of the people who want to hunt them. Before people go around crying bloody murder about herd size, those people oughta talk to the ranchers in the area. It may not seem fair sometimes, but on the scales of land managers, agricultural interests supercede the interests of hunters. A rancher's interests weigh in a lot more than a hunter's interests. caring capacity minus agricultural demands leads to determining herd size. caring capacity - agriculture = elk herd size
  4. MT_Sourdough

    Ok i was donated a 13b archery tag NOW WHAT? 😯

    I hear big bucks on the strip are attracted to crackling campfires and cold beer.
  5. MT_Sourdough

    Calling all Internet Lawyers specializing in Archery Law

    Put a hole in the side of my AC. Forgot to set my QAD arrow rest. AC still works, act like it never happened
  6. MT_Sourdough

    Monsoon report

    Things change fast. The south east area of 8 got pounded by rain Thursday and Friday. Bear Tank went from bone dry for 6 months to overflowing. The fresh vegetation is finally starting to sprout. DT Tank on the rim never went entirely dry, but close. So far it is only about 20% full. The critters in the south half of 8 are starting to spread out, getting back into areas they have vacated since spring.
  7. MT_Sourdough

    Monsoon report

    The Southeast quarter of 8 received some good rain yesterday, but Bear Tank , for example, is still empty. The washes, on the other hand, have good water. The vegetation in the region is starting to come back, but just barely. The promise of a lot more rain over the next few days oughta improve things much more.
  8. MT_Sourdough

    Monsoon report

    monsoons returned today in 19a and 8
  9. MT_Sourdough

    2018 antler growth

    based on what I am seeing in unit 8, I'd say the sooner the bull's development the better they'll finish. Lots of bulls looked on par going into the month of June, but growth seems to taper off in the month of June. This basically means older bulls shouldn't be off by much, but younger bulls will be off potential by a more significant amount.
  10. MT_Sourdough

    30-06 load

    56.1 gr h4350 Hornady 165 SST or Interbond 2875 fps 57gr h4350 Nosler 165 Partition 2900fps 55gr Varget 125 Sierra SP 3150fps 56.4gr Varget 125gr Nosler BT or Accubond 3225 fps All velocities are with 22" barrel. All loads produce sub-moa groups at 100 I use a 300 win for heavier 30 caliber bullets. 180gr plus
  11. MT_Sourdough

    Monsoon report

    I got a good look today, Bear tank is still totally dry, but all the canyons are holding plenty of water. Seems all the critters dropped into canyons in the lower half of the unit. Lots of food up on rim, but very little food on the flat.
  12. MT_Sourdough

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

  13. MT_Sourdough

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

    naughta here
  14. MT_Sourdough

    Kaibab growth?

    You can give me the tag.
  15. MT_Sourdough

    Monsoon report

    Its about 300 yards off the southside of perkinsville rd where pavement turns to dirt. It's a fairly good sized tank and usually holds water year round, but has been dry since February. According to Dopler, the area has been getting some decent rain the last few days. I might head out tomorrow to take a look see.