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  1. MT_Sourdough


    Pay attention to what is happening at the Federal Government right now. They are getting rid of the scientist's jobs who help to direct policy to protect sensitive eco resources. The current administration is working behind the scenes to eliminate our protections and do just what the O.P. described, They are moving the headquarters from D.C. to Colorado. This is going to get ugly for sportsman if it goes unchecked. Part of the problem is neither political party opposes these moves. Both parties are funded by interests who covet getting their grubby fingers on the vast wealth in resources of the west. It's up to local people to resist because it'll fly under the radar of national media. Wall Street drools looking at what we have out here like a hungry Doberman staring at a juicy steak. Oh' and I grew up on a ranch so it's not like I am against ranching.
  2. MT_Sourdough

    Raffle bull

    Holy heck!
  3. MT_Sourdough

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    !9a just got it;s first monsoonal rain of the year. Not enough to create the type of run off that fills tanks but enough to resume food production where things were drying up fast.
  4. MT_Sourdough

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    Now that is green . Wow! Good looking buck. I am waiting to see the antelope start to regroup, but I do not see any evidence of that happening yet.
  5. MT_Sourdough

    Timber Mesa Outdoors

    Something smells fishy here. Nothing but nice responses. Even complimentary? What's going on here? This is Coues Whitetail dot com, right? Hmmm....? I'm confused. What you guys really mean is she is a big jerk and should be not allowed to hunt. Joking. Just surprised to hear so much niceties here. Must be a good guy.
  6. MT_Sourdough

    Best buffalo hunt?

    I hear ya. I feel as though my hunt was almost too easy, at least until the butchering started, If you have lots of time, maybe volunteer to help other hunters first. Therefor you'd get an opportunity to add more memories to your experience. Plus there are more than one way to get the job done. On the day I filled my tag, there were three bison taken that day, but mine was the only one of the three that was shot from a blind. Another counter point, even though I shot mine from a blind, it was still quite an experience watching them come in and the fighting and dust flying. I waited probably 15 minuted before I took my shot. Fact is, I probably could have sat there and waited an hour or more watching the show before taking the shot. They'll likely try to get you to work with the other hunters and sit whatever blind, but you can opt to work by yourself if you prefer,
  7. MT_Sourdough

    444 Marlin SS

    I need money to buy a suppressor, so I aim to sell one of my 444 Marlins, I have an '06 ballard 22" barrel 444 Marlin with Leupold X2 3-9 ultralight scope. The rifle has been parkerized and has Wild West Happy Trigger and Bearproof ejector. It has a 1 inch recoil pad installed. I am trying to sell it here first to avoid FFL fees and shipping complications. I am asking $700, If it doesn't sell here, I know it will go quick at Marlinowners forum, but that would require shipping and FFL If anybody is interested, I can post some pics.
  8. MT_Sourdough


    What a lousy thread. Somebody should have offered a warning that reading this thread is a total waste of time. Or better yet, move it to the political discussion room so people can avoid reading this kind of garbage.
  9. MT_Sourdough

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    As far as antelope are concerned, monsoons probably do not have much impact on the headgear. On the other hand, it is starting to get to a point that if it doesn't rain soon, stuffs gonna start to burn. Tomorrow is gonna be hot with high winds. Be careful out there.
  10. MT_Sourdough

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    Though I haven't been in 8 since spring, I spent many days in there over the last 3 years and it is my opinion that unit 8 needs some serious coyote eradication, regardless of who and how.
  11. MT_Sourdough

    Lead on the Kaibab? (again)

    Such a slippery slope. If the tree huggers get their way on this, then they will turn to bald eagles, next. Do you have bald eagles in your area? Between outlawing lead at gun ranges and in the woods, say goodbye to leaded ammo if we cave. I personally spent many frogskins to develop and terminal test a non leaded load for my 444 Marlin that I used on my bison hunt last year. I can be agreeable and compromise a little, but this can quickly get out of hand.
  12. MT_Sourdough

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    You know how to tell the difference between black bear scat and grizzly scat? Grizzly bear scat smells like pepper and has silver bells in it. Old Montana Joke. Back in my late teens and early 20's, I would spend plenty of time in the high ranges where Montana's grizzlies dwell. They'd come visit our camp at night. Footprints left around the tent told the story the next morning. I'd hear them wake me up in the middle of the night as I could hear their noses working double time right outside the tent. I'd usually end up falling back to sleep before they were gone. I'd wake up not knowing if I was dreaming about what I heard, but the tracks around the tent re-affirms my foggy memory. Back then, I'd never carry anything for defense. I'd just rely on the fact that there are hundreds of backpackers that will be spending nights up in these mountain tops all summer long and there is almost never conflicts in the summer. I;d pass others going the other way during the hike up and I'd pass others when I head out. In the fall bears attitudes change. Grizzes get so much more hostile and desperate in the fall. Now a days, I have one of my 444 Marlins set as a camp rifle shooting 400gr big meplat cast bullet at 1900 fps. Plus I have a Smith &Wesson model 69 44 mag 5 shot with 4 1/4" barrel shooting Buffalo Bore 330gr ammo rated around 1325fps, but I haven't run it over the chrony from my revolver. The round will rattle your teeth, but I can shoot it with either hand and only need one hand to shoot it. I'll eventually work up a load for my 44 mag using one of my own cast bullets.
  13. MT_Sourdough

    Hornady ELD-X

    Simple physics. A bullet that is capable of expansion beyond 600 yards is going to have extreme fragmentation at 150. Led is led. To be expansive at 600, the led used will be soft (most bullets use pure led or slightly hardened led) The jacket can be tapered to slow expansion, but then again, to provide decent terminal performance at long distance, you can not use much taper. Their trick, is simple. By running heavy for caliber bullets, it increases the sectional density as well as the BC. The higher sectional density allows a bullet to function at both short and long ranges. Trick for the shooter is to know how their bullet performs terminally. Soft bullets should be placed behind the shoulder. Tougher bullets, like Barnes are ideal for shoulder shots. They use modern computer modeling to improve bullets ogive and boat tail to further improve BC. Other than that, nothing new under the sun. Good bullets though. My 300 Win likes the 200 ELDX. Aint shot nuthin with it so I have nothing to report 1st hand about it's terminal performance.
  14. MT_Sourdough

    Checker Board Land Access

    We call it eminent domain here in the good ol' U. S. of A, So, some guys support eminent domain when it comes to building a border wall or a Canadian pipeline across the US, but not for U.S. citizens to access their public lands? Just wondering how people prioritize where and when people are in support of eminent domain or enforce the rights of private land owners?
  15. MT_Sourdough

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    That's a good story. Congratulations. Butchering a buff by yourself is tough. I did a cow buff last November. Kicked my butt. I dig the rifle and old scope. I inherited a 1936 Model 70 30-06 with an old 50's era Weaver scope. At the time I inherited it, my lifestyle didn't allow for me to carry a rifle around with, so I sold it. I regret it now of course.