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  1. MT_Sourdough

    Advice on cold weather states

    I grew up on a ranch north of Butte, Elevation makes a big difference on how hard and long your winters are. Helena is not so bad, plus you have the Missouri and the lakes just east and northeast of Helena. If I had a chance, I'd be back in Montana in a heart beat, although there are winter months when I am glad to be in AZ.
  2. MT_Sourdough

    AR 45-70

    That makes my 338 Fed AR10 look kinda wimpy. That's a Jurassic Park rifle right there.
  3. MT_Sourdough

    Hits Started

    17a for me
  4. MT_Sourdough

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    That info is from this morning. There is no wind at the moment, but if that changes, the fire is going to proceed to the east and north.
  5. MT_Sourdough

    Tick Tock

    I have drawn successfully 7 out of 8 last draws for elk. I never get species point, because I keep scoring a tag with two points. In full disclosure, though, I'll point to the fact that the tags for which I am applying would have been "leftover tags" 10 years ago. The opportunity to hunt is more important to me than focusing on the opportunity to get a lifetime trophy bull.
  6. MT_Sourdough

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    I take back what I said earlier. This is only my 4th straight with 2 points, but it's also the 7th out of my last 8 tries. Non of those elk draws did I have more than 2 points.
  7. MT_Sourdough

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    I was hit for the 5th strait year with all of two points. AZG&F, I want a foot rub too!
  8. MT_Sourdough

    Tick Tock

    How many apps do they get, typically, in years past?
  9. I have been hunting for nearly 40 years. The game has changed greatly in that time. One of the things I notice is the growing scarcity of hunters tracks away from roads. ATVs, digital range finders, multi thousand dollar optics, long range rifles and on 'n on are more useful "in taking of game". Trail cameras do much less in taking of game than most advents in our sport. Cameras have not aided me in taking of game. AZG&F heads seem to press one style of hunting over others. Their bias is not based on facts, but prejudice. If we outlawed ATVs and digital rangefinders, we'd be getting closer to what hunting used to be, These AZG&F guys seem to prefer "long distance hunting" while trying to stop people from using water holes. Maybe, in their eyes, they think hunting over water is some new hunting phenomena, I am not against the way others hunt. What I am fervently opposed to is game and fish actively working against hunters. I would like to know if the hunting public has a route to replace career game and fish personal who work against the people who pay their wages.
  10. MT_Sourdough

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Cameras heck! They've been talking about banning blinds on water holes. What's next? Tell you what, Why don't we all stand arms length apart and then form a circle. Next we can shoulder our firearms and open fire. Same difference,
  11. MT_Sourdough

    Bloodiest Guns

    Glenfield m60 plus cheap scope accounted for thousands of gophers (actually Columbian Ground Squirrels) on our ranch in Montana while I was in my teens.
  12. MT_Sourdough

    1894 Winchester 38-55

    Man, that's some cool stuff, right there.
  13. MT_Sourdough

    Late Elk Rut

    These elk are, genetically, the same elk I hunted most of my life in Montana, In Montana, general rifle season starts in the last week of October. In the first week of the Montana General Season there is the random bugling, but the bugles basically disappear in the first week of November. There are always the rare exceptions. One November, I let a good herd slip right on by behind me, because I assumed the bugling I herd was another hunter. I ignored the bugling and walked a bit on ahead when I crossed fresh tracks from a sizable herd.
  14. MT_Sourdough

    Effects of the virus scare?

    ha ha ha! YOU FUNNY
  15. MT_Sourdough

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Yeah, my third cousin's boyfriend's neighbor says - You all need to be reminded of the things you post.