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  1. MT_Sourdough

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    Drain the tank, dredge it and refill it. The perpetrator can pay the bill and some jail time.
  2. MT_Sourdough


    I've seen a similar bull recently, but not the same one. Congratulations
  3. MT_Sourdough


    Had a bull at 20 yards at last light, but I have a cow tag. I had an opportunity to watch two bulls fighting by full moon light.
  4. MT_Sourdough

    Son got it done again.

    I dig the mass that bull has. Congrats
  5. MT_Sourdough

    Rut Activity

    I pulled my blinds out of 8. I hate when it gets crowded. Last year, during late rifle, I hunted close to the roads. Ended up feeding critters out to the road hunters. Sure can frustrate a guy. Ya gotta have some help if you are fixing on dropping one down in them canyons.
  6. MT_Sourdough

    first whitetail hunt in unit 8

    Early in the season is tougher for sure. At least from what I have observed. I do not spend much of my time in the deep canyons so what I have seen more whitetail bucks in December and January. Right now, I can find WT does super easy right along common roads, but the bucks don't show up until closer to the rut.
  7. MT_Sourdough

    Unit 21 Archery Antelope Down

    Looks like a nice buck, especially foe 21. Congrats
  8. MT_Sourdough

    Rut Activity

    Unit 17a, things cooled down last night and the Kimche hit the fan. They were so wound up this morning that I had elk bugle back at me when i coughed or used the zipper on my tent. The cows were very vocal as well. Like when parents leave teenagers home alone. Crazy wild.
  9. MT_Sourdough

    Getting home early

    Lucky she didn't use the deer rifle.
  10. MT_Sourdough

    Unit 17a, 17b and 18b archery hunters- Heads Up!

    UPDATE: 8/30/19 Walnut Creek Rd is open or will be open tomorrow. but everything south of Walnut Creek Rd is considered in the fire area and is closed. That means Camp Wood Rd and every road between Camp Wood Rd and Walnut Creek is currently CLOSED. Prescott National Forest says they project that Camp Wood Rd will open on Sept 1, but that is highly suspect.
  11. MT_Sourdough

    Archery goat 2019

    What a bruiser! Nicely done.
  12. MT_Sourdough

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    I have run cams on the same water sources for years. Proof is in the pudding. I'll sit a water hole all day long in December and January. If a person wants to be sitting on a water hole during August in 90 degree plus heat for the off chance that a Muley might come in, more power to'em. My fat butt will take air conditioning, a cold beer and a siesta.
  13. MT_Sourdough

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    I had two muley bucks jump out in front of me on my way home. It was about noon or so, but more often then not, they just hang up all day. A game warden from Tonto National Forest told me that when i first came to AZ about 10 years ago and I find it to be largely true.
  14. MT_Sourdough

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    I just had that same conversation earlier today. Some dude woke me up when he came in to the tank I was sitting to check his cam. He justified coming in despite my truck parked at the entrance, by saying the hunt is over at 8. I agreed. Then I said but the coues come in around noon, He said "Really?" I laughed because he is the one with the trail cam on the water hole. I am sure he already knows. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't upset about him coming in. Heck I was sleeping.
  15. MT_Sourdough

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    Water! Look for water. Then walk around the water. Chances are, you'll see you Muley tracks around the water's edge. Then look for the deer's trails coming and going from the water. At this point, you can set up at the water and sit it at the break of dawn and at dusk. Looking for muleys in the middle of the day, in this heat, would most likely prove futile. Middle of the day is good for scouting water sources for areas with more deer activity than others. Another tactic is find a good elevated glassing position that is in the vicinity of water source. Sit at that glassing sight at dusk and dawn looking for deer coming and going from water. Once you glass some deer, plan your stalk.