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  1. PatrickJr

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    I drew my only choice with 10 bp and was eager to get scouting as soon as possible. First Trip wasn't until mid July but my father and I saw lots of bucks and got a taste for what bucks were where etc. My next scouting trip was productive but it had become a reality that the unit experienced one of the driest years its ever had. I never saw a single fawn in all of the time I spent up there, hopefully a few years down the road the number of permits will be reduced to account for the absence of a fawn crop. Leading up to the hunt, I knew my schedule was limited with school and I needed to get a buck on the ground quickly. My goal was to kill an 80" buck and I really spent a lot of time learning how to field judge these animals. Scouting allowed me to practice judging goats and also forced me to stalk numerous animals to get a GOOD look at what's on their head. The hunt came around and I felt I hadn't laid eyes on a giant buck, so the plan was to Look for a buck or two we saw the evening before opener. Opening morning came and before the sun was up, Steven found a buck a few miles off with his BTX. We looked and when the sun hit him, we decided he was worth a closer look. Afraid of spooking the buck, John and I decide to just hoof it rather than try to drive around with the truck to get closer. We end up finding him bedded with a doe he pulled off the herd and took into an isolated valley. John and I crawl up to a spot where we think we can shoot. Skipping the BS-i mistakenly ranged the tree behind him and doped the scope to 600 when in reality it was so flat, he probably closer to 500 or worse. He stood up, gave perfect broadside shot and I was sailing them over his back. He runs off but we keep watch. We start working him again, relocate him and now he's back with his herd of does. Not seconds after we see them, they start running our way and the chaos began. Bucks were running all over the place, the buck we wanted was obviously the alpha and he was running the others bucks off continuously, It was an incredible experience to see them going wild like that. After setting up for shots probably a dozen times, the buck finally chases another buck off to our left which allowed for an open shot through the high brush. He runs after the inferior buck, sticks his horns in the little ones butt then stops, turns around and gives a quartering-to shot at 198yards. We were done by 9am and i couldn't have been happier. He's not the biggest buck i saw scouting but he was one that definitely caught my eye. Ultimately, he caught my eye on opening day and its history from there! I can't thank my Father, Reyes, John, Steven and Gavin enough for coming on the hunt, It was the best crew i could've imagined! We took photos then hung him in a tree, and pitched a nice midday camp to make lunch. Doesn't get any better... I learned alot on this hunt and I can only hope to get to hunt antelope again sometime soon I will post photos of the bucks I saw in scouting below the trophy pics but here is my 2018 Arizona Pronghorn Antelope The crew- My dad, I, Gavin, John, Reyes and Steven "Tipsy"-nice buck I passed at first light on opening morning "Double D"- only saw him once and got some decent photos in the heat waves This buck looks awesome in this photo and I imagine he grew another inch or two but he broke off his whole left prong... A massive buck i would've liked to see again Nice buck Reyes and I snuck up to While he was Snoozing with his ladies My Buck on July 18th. He pushed out another 1.5-2" of horn after this photo was taken and he also lost his giant mane Then this is the buck I Liked most from scouting Misc Bucks
  2. PatrickJr

    2018 Pig/Deer

    Congratulations TJ! Great deer and definitely a GIANT pig!!
  3. PatrickJr

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    So, does "John Q Public" get thousands of additional acres to hunt elk? If those are "extra" tags that wouldn't have been included otherwise, then I'm good with it. Yes "John Q Public" does actually get thousands of additional acres to hunt elk because of the Hopi allotment. It is some of my favorite elk country to hunt
  4. PatrickJr

    Day One Results

    Goat tag with 10 points and only one hunt choice, cannot complain
  5. Few and far between. Saw some mallards yesterday, shot a black duck, green wing, and pintail recently. Should pick up soon
  6. PatrickJr

    Christmas Eve Cat

    Thanks men! It’s still a shock that it worked out I’m trying to pay off my mule deer mount! I will be getting the pelt professionally tanned so I can have it mounted later down the road! He’s going to look so good when he’s lifesized
  7. This year I haven't been able to get out and hunt as much as i have in previous years so I've made a point out of going whenever an opportunity arises. The most recent opportunity came on Christmas eve, Steven and I planned to go glass for muleys, coues, and pigs. We got out there and hiked to a peak, but we didn't see any bucks that were real intriguing. At about 10:30am, I glanced down to the wash 400 yards below me and saw something walking in the bottom. I threw my binos up and immediately could tell this was a BIG bobcat with a really white belly. I watched him for a minute as he disappeared into a mesquite thicket. Once he got in there and didn't come out after a few minutes, i figured he had laid down. First thing i did was get Steven set up on the trees with his binos and told him to not take his eyes off that thicket (almost as if it was a 120 inch coues hahahaha) . I gathered all my crap and took off down the mountain. I got to the truck and grabbed the rifle, caller, and shooting sticks. I started working over to that thicket, and ended up 55 yards across the canyon from it. I put the call behind me and started playing some sounds. `After 15 minutes or so, the cat still hadn't shown himself. Steven texted and said that the cat was still there and was just watching me. I pulled out my binos to scan the thicket. Through the trees and grass, i was able to make out the cats face and a small part of his neck. One quick shot with my 223 and he was down. Everyone that I've hunted with knows that I've been trying to get a bobcat for the longest time and they've simply eluded me. For my first bobcat to be one like this, is a gift in itself. He was a big beautiful tom and i have no doubt that he was at the top of the food chain in that area. I've grown a profound respect for these cats and will never look at them the same. He weighed 22lbs A big thanks to Steven for sacrificing his Xmas Eve morning to glass and sharing another experience with me that I'll never forget!
  8. PatrickJr

    First Archery OTC Desert Mule deer

    100 grain Rage Hypodermic!
  9. PatrickJr

    Where to donate tag

    I'm donating my tag to this organization this year. VERY simple http://www.outdoorexperienceforall.org/
  10. PatrickJr

    First Archery OTC Desert Mule deer

    Thank you! Im not too sure about that second part but I guess....lmao
  11. PatrickJr

    First Archery OTC Desert Mule deer

    Yeah he looks like that because he was losing his summer hair. That hair towards his hind end is his new winter coat
  12. On Sunday, I texted my buddy Steven and asked him if he wanted to go do some scouting for my upcoming coues deer hunt. He was free in the morning so we planned to get some glassing in. He texted me the night before and says "are you going to bring your bow?" i said "no, we're only going for the morning and plus i have my muzzleloader hunt soon". (FYI Steven tagged out in January). The next morning comes, we head out to a spot Steven wanted to check out. Not long into glassing, Steven finds a nice muley buck. We got some quick video before he went out of sight. The morning goes on and we find the buck later, and we watched him the rest of the morning because we hadn't found anything more intriguing than he. Steven kept rubbing it in my face that I didn't bring my bow and I admit that I did make a mistake by leaving it. We planned to come back the next day, after my morning classes. This time I'm definitely bringing my bow. We get out there and end up glassing him up again. He was in the same canyon as the day before! we watched him from roughly 1200 yards for 15 minutes or so until he bedded down. I quickily gathered my stuff and started cutting the distance. I got down to a hill opposing him and set up my glasses. I was able to reacquire him in the thicket. I picked out some landmarks and started down into the canyon. The wind could not have been better, perfectly in my face. I crawled to the top of the next hill, picked out my next landmark, and located the tree he was under. The tree was at 60 yards, I could see that i'd be able to get a little closer, while still having a bush block the buck's sight of me. He was quartering hard towards me and facing left. I sat there for a few minutes hoping he would stand up to adjust his bed, but knowing that he mostly likely wasn't going to move an inch. I decided to give it a try before the wind switched on me. I ranged it one more time, 48 yards. Drew back and stood unnoticed, let it fly and watched the fletching disappear between his neck and shoulder! He took a death run and crashed 40 yards from his bed! I cannot thank Steven enough for all his help, without him, i surely wouldn't have been successful. I will be donating my Muzzleloader coues tag to OE4A, and hopefully they will put it to good use!
  13. PatrickJr

    Map app

    Topo Maps. Best $8 I've spent
  14. PatrickJr

    Kings camo desert shadow

    are the long sleeves polyester or cotton?