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  1. Phil Beavers

    Smoker recomendations

    Love my camp chef.. Much easier to clean than Trager plus the side sear box is money! Now they have side griddle ad ons and a pizza oven add on for The Camp Chefs.
  2. Phil Beavers

    Smoker recomendations

    I bought a Camp Chef pellet grill from Cal Ranch. It was between a Trager and The New Camp Chef Whirlwind pellet smoker. The only reason I went Camp Chef is because they offer a side sear burner as an add on piece and other cooking add on pieces. I like a reverse sear steak so the side sear burner was a selling point. 400 dollars probably wont get you a decent size Trager or Camp Chef pellet grill. The bigger ones are like 700 - 1000 bucks. With that being said they are pretty awesome. I've done steaks, ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, prime rib , and other meats. You can literally " set it and forget it " just come back every few hours to check the pellet auger and thats pretty much it. My best friend has a Trager and they are solid too he uses his a few times a week.
  3. Phil Beavers

    Anyone aware of any new mining operations in 35B?

    Patagonia Mine has been doing a lot of expansion this year and probably into the next!
  4. Phil Beavers

    Good stuff

    Those guys are awesome.. They have grown so much and carry a lot of good stuff.
  5. Phil Beavers

    Day 13 Bull...EDIT with pic of Euro almost done

    Nice job and congrats. Last year I used Game Trail Taxidermy in Glendale for my unit 9 bull euro mount.
  6. Phil Beavers

    Slob hunters

    FYI No one does can releases at noon.. Fake news!
  7. Phil Beavers

    Slob hunters

    I've had their stuff and they are definitely good, my top 3 in Arizona are: 1) Pueblo Vida in Tucson ( hands down the best in AZ ) 2) Wren House in Phoenix 3) AZ Wilderness in Gilbert - They have really stepped up their hazy IPA game the past couple of years. Tucson has some good breweries and there's even a good brewery in Tombstone called Tombstone Brewery.
  8. Phil Beavers

    Slob hunters

    Yeah most IPA's are about 6% ABV Double IPA's 8 - 10% and Triple IPA's are like 13% and just a couple pints will give you a pretty good buzz... Stouts have high ABV% too.. I was a light beer drinker for years mostly bud light , coors light , miller lite .. Now I cant go back. Lots of good breweries in Arizona now too.
  9. Phil Beavers

    Slob hunters

    Nope just hazy IPA's with high ABV's %.. None of this watered down 3% stuff you snow flakes drink 😂
  10. Phil Beavers

    Slob hunters

    NE Style IPA's > West Coast IPA's 😁
  11. Phil Beavers

    Tombstone best restaurant.

    If you're into craft beer Tombstone Brewery in Tombstone is pretty dang good. One of the better craft breweries in AZ.
  12. Phil Beavers

    What's up with this?

    Too many people own those things now. They are everywhere.
  13. Phil Beavers

    Where were you?

    Living at my parents during the college years.. I remember listening to Stern on the way to class because he stayed on air during it all..
  14. Phil Beavers

    American Hero passes. John Sidney McCain III

    A true American hero for sure.
  15. Phil Beavers

    Easy Meals while camping?

    Carne Asada.. Just throw it on the grill and a tortilla or two