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  1. AzPlumber

    Javelina Meat?

    I do mine all as Slim Jims
  2. AzPlumber

    Javelina Hunting Questions

    Meat is just fine if you take care when field dressing the animal. Easy to taint the meat after touching the hide and then the meat. Wear gloves when you skin it and don't touch the meat at all, change gloves and knife if needed. What unit and weapon?
  3. AzPlumber

    Javelina Charge

    The old lady in Bisbee?
  4. AzPlumber

    17B Tips?

    Yes, access via Bagdad then along the camp wood road Send me a PM if you want a more specific area.
  5. AzPlumber

    Late Archery Hunt

    Same thing here, Elk all watered late. Snow would have made things a whole lot easier. it was so hot and dry sounded like walking on bubble wrap. My best chance came early the last day but I was cursed by fog rolling in. Was my first late hunt and came home empty but will do it again, any day hunting is better than sitting on a couch.
  6. AzPlumber

    Things your huntin buddies do that drive you nuts : )

    Some people are taught to wash their hands after using the bathroom and some are taught not to get anything on their hands.when they use the bathroom.
  7. AzPlumber

    Last minute advice...

    Shoot 'em and get home before you need something you forgot.
  8. AzPlumber

    Walking Beef

    Looks like Tex Earnhardt lost his ride.
  9. AzPlumber

    What the heck is this?

    I don't think it is a Coati Tail doesn't look long enough. Tail not upright. (typically travel with tail up) Face doesn't look long enough. Doesn't look robust enough to be a single male, (juvenile or female would typically be with others) Night Time.(Coati's are typically active during daylight hours).
  10. AzPlumber

    Kids slayed the dove. Only took 9!!!!

    Better yet, when he eats them.
  11. AzPlumber

    What the heck is this?

    What do the tracks look like?
  12. AzPlumber

    What the heck is this?

  13. AzPlumber

    Proposal for Wolves in Grand Canyon

    "TOURISM?" that has to be one of the stupidest reasons to introduce Wolves into the Canyon.
  14. AzPlumber

    Camp Showers

    I use a similar setup to this ^^^ but is a S.S. fire extinguisher adapted with a sprayer off a kitchen sink faucet. Heat it on a gas burner then use a bicycle pump to pressurize.
  15. Light oil when no crap is present, lots of oil to get the crap out of it.