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  1. Mathews

    Unit 9 2 tags

    I thought by saying I was kidding that you in fact knew I was kidding.. guess not
  2. Mathews

    Unit 9 2 tags

    Anyone know if hoghuntr got ahold of one since he couldn’t make the strip hunt? Lol kidding, glad you donated them rather than let them go to waste
  3. Mathews


    Looking for an 80 or 85mm Swarovski HD spotter. Anyone? Cash or cash/gen2 vortex razor spotter
  4. Mathews

    Sig range finders

    Lost it on my last archery hunt, guess I left that part out lol
  5. Mathews

    Sig range finders

    They must have went up after I posted it
  6. Mathews

    New Mexico 2 Archery and 1 muzzleloader

    Thanks everyone, here’s another one we just knocked down on the muzzleloader hunt.
  7. Mathews

    Sig Kilo 1200

    Haven’t had an issue yet, shade, dark trees, dark rocks
  8. Mathews

    Sig Kilo 1200

    Only $150 on Amazon right now. Can’t beat that price.. angle compensation, no issue ranging out to 900 yards
  9. Mathews

    Sig range finders

    Sig 1200 range finders are only $150 on Amazon right now, quite the steal in my opinion. Just bought one to replace my sig kilo 2000. Not quite as good but has no issue ranging out to 900 yards.
  10. Mathews

    WTB Rangefinfer

    Sig kilo 1200 on amazon for $150
  11. Mathews

    Custom .260

    Any interest in separating the barrel and action?
  12. Mathews


    Willing to separate the action? Trades?
  13. Mathews

    Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50 with target turrets

    PM sent
  14. Mathews

    hunting map apps, gps

    Not a huge fan of OnX, the offline map resolution options are pretty stupid. Shouldn’t be limited to a mile by mile area for the highest resolution. I’ve used the Topo maps app for years and it’s completely replaced my handheld gps, doesn’t have any of the fancy features of OnX but it’s reliable and easy to use.
  15. Mathews

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Man bunch of trolls afraid to give the guy an idea lol 21,22,23,24,27,6a,34’s,35’s,36’s hard to go wrong in any of those