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  1. AverageJoe

    Toyo AT2 35x12.5r20 tires $600

    Interested in all 4
  2. AverageJoe

    Home A/C help

    Heres a hint for those wanting AC parts on hand to replace when they go bad. Find the exact motor and capacitor on Grainger, order a couple of them for backup, and have one new one and one in the garage storage to replace when they it goes bad. You can Order 10 capacitors on grainger for like $100. If your AC goes out you can replace it yourself easily in like 10 mins and be back in busines. Even a motor change out only takes like 20 minutes. AC companies rip you off because they can.
  3. AverageJoe

    Home A/C help

    Any AC company will charge you around $200 at a minimum...start capacitors only cost around $10. Was the unit running fine before this? Was there any unusual noise or issues yesterday before the storm>
  4. AverageJoe

    Favorite dead head

  5. AverageJoe

    WTB Bow

    I have a 2017 Obsession M6Z completely setup with tight spot quiver and QAD rest I will sell for $450. 29/70. Was tuned and setup by Kevin at Pass Thru Archery.
  6. AverageJoe

    Cornville Road

    Yeah the road is fine...I usually take the 260 though.
  7. Flatlander is spot on. Its about not screwing over the little man in order for the rich man to be able to hunt az prime tags each year. Its unethical plain and simple. Its the North American Game Model. Not a perversion of it, how can anyone think selling off a wild game animal to the highest bidder is morally or ethically right? Especially when they would be stealing from the residents of Az to do so? How does HSUS get funding? How does every other non-profit get funding? Donations and fund raising. Quit taking the tag grab approach as an excuse for your BS! Many of the same people who support this type of tag grab would also have no problem privatizing the entire state of Az to landowners. Az is and always will be the best state for public land hunting because we hbe no landowner taga and the majority is public land owned by all of us...same as out wild game.
  8. AverageJoe

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    Everyone has certain things that they care about immensely and are willing to sacrifice time, money, and more in order to be heard. This is a matter that hits home to many native Arizonans that have hunted here for many generations and is why they spoke up last time and will again this time.
  9. I contacted the commissioner here in the Phoenix region today, He stated he had not heard anything about this yet...
  10. AverageJoe

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    Here are AZGFD Commision members contact forms https://www.azgfd.com/agency/commission/members/#davis
  11. AverageJoe

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    They did the same thing last time...had people come on here and try to act like our friend and tell us how good it would be for wildlife in Az. Bunch of snakes
  12. The money will go to AZSFW (aka ConserveandProtectAz) and a few other organizations that make up the AZSFW. This is nothing new at all, We are hearing the same lame arguments as we did last time about how it isnt a tag grab and how it will benefit hunters and wildlife in Az.
  13. I would say 0 since they couldnt even comment on the issue. They cant get into politics Bingo! G&F cannot spend any funds or get politically involved for or against any proposed bill or initiative. That can be changed but theyd rather spend the time and money to push for a tag grab.
  14. Lark where are you...i need you here for this buddy
  15. The sportsmen of Arizona are not giving up more tags to rich folks...period! The ADA was all for it last time as well...as were many others. The only one who stood against it was Steve and Az Elk Society. John from ADA came on here and tried to fool everyone like he wasnt for it, then found out he was one of the ones pushing it. This is no different than last time BC777 dont be fooled. Last time they said the same thing, that there would be raffles so the ordinary folks would still have a chance at these tags. Then find out they were gonna raffle off cow elk tags and all the other crap no one wants and reserve the unit 9,10,23,1 early elk tags for their rich Hamberlain buddies. All the same arguments they will bring up was already tried and found to be BS...and defeated. Dont be fooled by anyone from any agency or hunting store (Outdoorsmans) stating it is a good thing for Az. It is only good for them and the prominant outfitters who will make more money from there being more out of state rich guys. The regular working class hunter will be screwed big time!!