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  1. AverageJoe

    WTB 300 Savage loaded ammo

    Plenty at midway
  2. AverageJoe

    WTB 300 Savage loaded ammo

  3. AverageJoe

    Winchester 1897 12 gauge

    My favorite shotgun of all time. Dang...
  4. AverageJoe

    Several Firearms

    I’ll take the 2 single shot shotguns
  5. This morning at approximately 0300, a group of criminals hit my neighborhood in Gilbert, broke into my vehicle and 15 others in my neighborhood and stole mainly firearms. they stole my .38 ruger LCR with a front night sight and sticky holster if anyone sees it. Yes i know i shouldnt keep a gun in my vehicle overnight, i normally dont. Gilbert PD said this is happening all over the east valley recently and they are targeting trucks and suvs of anyone who “looks” like they might be a gun owner. They didnt even take cash in the vehicle, only the gun. They switch neighborhoods every few weeks so be aware A good reminder to keep your firearms inside at night.
  6. AverageJoe

    Wanting to Buy a .308.

  7. AverageJoe

    Wanting to Buy a .308.

    I am looking for a tikka or rem 700 in 308. Prefer sporter barrels, if you have one you are willing to sell let me know. I would also consider a heavy barrel if its a Tikka CTR. Thank you
  8. AverageJoe

    WTB...CZ 527

  9. AverageJoe

    WTB...CZ 527

    Im trying to find a CZ 527. Prefer 7.62x39 but would take one in 223 or 22 hornet as well. If you have one and willing to part with it let me know.
  10. AverageJoe

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

    Any ammo to sell with it?
  11. AverageJoe

    Good Remington 1100 gunsmith?

    I had a similar problem and brought it to the gunsmith at rio salado gun range (Accuracy Speaks was the name but the gunsmith that worked on it has since passed away). He ended up drilling an extra gas port for me and said early model 1100’s had a problem cycling because the gas port was drilled too small. Whatever the reason was, it has worked perfectly fine since drilling the second gas port.
  12. AverageJoe

    Good Remington 1100 gunsmith?

    And have you tried both? Shoot some 2 3/4” bird shot (7 or 8 shot) and then shoot some 3” buckshot. Tell me if it jams with both.
  13. AverageJoe

    Good Remington 1100 gunsmith?

    Does it jam with bird shot or with buck shot? 2 3/4” shells or 3” shells.
  14. AverageJoe

    96 Chevy K1500 4x4 Ext Cab - SOLD

    Nice meeting you as well. Im glad he likes it!