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  1. AverageJoe


  2. AverageJoe


    Which frame does this come with?
  3. AverageJoe

    Swarovski 12x50 ELs $2000.00 Firm

    Id have to disagree since 15’s have been selling in a day or 2 for only $100 less.
  4. AverageJoe

    Swarovski 12x50 ELs $2000.00 Firm

    Well thats good to know. I have a pair im going to be selling so been watching these ads to see how they do and it hasnt been that great.
  5. AverageJoe

    Swarovski 12x50 ELs $2000.00 Firm

    No one wants these anymore. Been mutliple pairs on here that havent sold. Think the market for these has dropped significantly.
  6. AverageJoe


    Are the NL Pures really any better? Ive been out of the game for a while but 42mm objective seems to be a bit small for 12’s?
  7. AverageJoe


    A few years ago these would have sold in a day. Curious why no one is jumping on these? Market not as good for 12’s anymore?
  8. AverageJoe

    Nitto ridge grappler 265-75-16

    D or E rated?
  9. AverageJoe


    Hope whoever is picking it up realizes how much these player piano’s weigh!
  10. AverageJoe

    96 Chevy K1500 4x4 Ext Cab - SOLD

    dang, hope everyone is ok!
  11. AverageJoe


    Ha, i’ll give you twice as much as that. $200 buddy
  12. AverageJoe

    15x50 Leica Duovids

    What kind of optics mount is that on it? Cant tell from my phone.
  13. AverageJoe

    Geology Help

    Anyone out there who can help identify what this is? I have a bunch of guesses, but curious if anyone knows for certain. Seems like possibly a quartz base with yellow / amber colored crystals growing out of it.
  14. AverageJoe

    Sold - delete

    Pm sent