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  1. I got the same message. I didn’t send him my email address. In my email I asked him shipping details, and preferred pmt method. He said he doesn’t know to attach pictures, send me his email address. Something sounds fishy. Good luck y’all.
  2. Can you send me more info on the rem 600? Pictures? Shipping info? Thank you.
  3. couesdan

    Predator Camo

    Long sleeve shirt, light jacket and pants All in good condition size medium $75 or trade for 223 -55grain soft points in the Sahuarita area. 5209542983
  4. couesdan

    Wtb muzzle cap

    I was nice to meet you. Thank you for taking your time to meet me. I appreciate very much.
  5. couesdan

    Ruger American stock

    Is this available? sent dm
  6. couesdan

    Wtb muzzle cap

    She shoots my 7 rum. I believe the break on the creed is a little bastard II, it’s super efficient. Has almost no recoil but is super loud!! thank you for help amigo.
  7. couesdan

    Wtb muzzle cap

    Thank you. I’m in Sahuarita. I appreciate that.
  8. couesdan

    Wtb muzzle cap

    Sorry guys. I’m looking for the thread protector. My little girl was been shooting it with a muzzle brake. Even though she is wearing hearing protection she doesn’t like the muzzle blast. She shoots her brothers 6.5x 284 and creed and preferred the recoil rather than the muzzle blast.
  9. couesdan

    Wtb muzzle cap

    Yes sir.
  10. couesdan

    Wtb muzzle cap

    Looking for a threaded muzzle cap for a Ruger American Predator ( in 6.5 creed) . It’s has a muzzle brake on it now. 5209542983 Thank you.
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    30 loaded rounds. 150 grain fusion 4 loaded rounds 140 grain nosler accubonnd 55 once shot brass $75 + shipping cost flat rate medium box. Preferably call or text. 5209542983
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    Sent you a dm