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  1. couesdan


    Send a dm. I’ll take.
  2. This is crazy. I sold it in 2009 and deleted the post. 

  3. couesdan

    Glock 27 .40 cal Camo

    Hahahahaha... I totally missed the date. 🤦‍♂️😂
  4. couesdan

    Glock 27 .40 cal Camo

    Where are you located?
  5. couesdan

    Rifle and bows for sale

    Send a dm
  6. couesdan


    Next please. Sent you a dm.
  7. couesdan


    Sent dm
  8. couesdan


    Sent a dm
  9. couesdan

    Glock 21

    Sent a dm
  10. couesdan


    Pm sent
  11. couesdan

    FS Ruger SR9 sold

    Sent you a dm
  12. couesdan

    FREE Good words from Hoghunter's Wife Heather.

    I’m sorry for your loss. I only meet him one time but my first impression was that he was a good man.
  13. couesdan

    WTB AR or AR pistol.

    Got one. Thank you.
  14. couesdan

    WTB SIG Range Finder

    Got one. Thank you!
  15. couesdan

    WTB SIG Range Finder

    My son is looking for a sig ranger finder. In the Tucson area, will pay for shipping. 5209542983