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    Elk setup

    You can if you take broadside close shots only. Mechanicals can fail, and many don't like them, but when used "properly" they can be devastating. I have used the type that open after penetrating as opposed to those that open on the outside first. matter of preference, but get one that shoots like darts, because they all don't IMHO. Not sure you need to though, a well placed shot w/just about any sharp broadhead will do the job... key is sharp and well placed. don't take frontal or quartering towards you type shots, best is broadside or quartering away. Rear facing shots are also a bad idea imo... you really need to punch the lungs, and if you do like I said... my 2cents anyway...
  2. 1uofacat

    Elk setup

    You left out cedar arrows, and gamegetter 2's but you might be to young. I actually hunted javalina w/cedar shafts and a bear bow, later with an 85# Daman Howatt and the XX75s they were big, 23-something... can't recall. My first bow was an Indian back in 1972 set up w/1816 Gamegetters and Bear broadheads... soft steal, but easy to sharpen. I didn't hunt elk w/cedar shafts wanting something a little more stout... Yes, the times sure have changed...
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    Elk setup

    What ever happened to XX75s with Black Diamond Deltas? Boy, have times changed...
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    leftover Hopi?

    here is how it works.... 1) on the day of the "draw", the G&F dump all of the envelopes out on a floor, and then pick through them one at a time... open them, and them, look for all necessary data, and if all is correct they reserve your tag. They then cash the check or if a money order issue you the tag. they do this until every tag has been "filled", then they simply stick all of the application envelopes in a larger envelope and send it back to you... unopened. My daughter drew a leftover deer tag in unit 4A a few years back. What's odd is my son got his returned envelope back the following week (of the draw), but my daughter obviously didn't, and the G&F wouldn't answer questions I had because we didn't get a returned envelope. Perhaps she was selected as a "backup" for a tag, and the G&F, when they couldn't cash someone else's check, issued her one. We didn't get her tag for about 3 weeks... It's probably not 19,000 applicants, but it is likely over 18,000 applicants for those tags! Oh yea, one other thing... if the G&F gets your application a day early (in the mail), they return it unopened, or if they get it a day late, it's, well, obviously too late. They must get it on the day of the "draw".... & therefore you have to rely on the USPS to deliver it on the exact day that they need to... My personal suggestion is to... well.... hunt in Colorado this year. By all means apply, but plan on the San Juan Mtns. between Dolores and Durango.
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    Can I access my online application?

    better to be hunting that time of year than to be watching football, regardless of what's printed on the tag. Sure, it's frustrating to have bulls present multiple shots while "chasing" cows, but at least you'll hunting. Life is too short not to hunt elk once a year if at all possible. If you "require/need" a bull tag that bad go to Colorado and plop down the $600 or whatever it is nowadays and chase bulls all day long if you want. I've started applying bull/cow some time ago and generally get to hunt almost every year, and usually (once/3 years) do get that bull tag anyway w/out having to wait for 5-10 years between hunts. Besides, cows taste pretty darn good, and nobody can give you crap for not shooting a "trophy cow" opening weekend!
  6. 1uofacat

    Results are Up!!!

    And just what is a $90 permit??? Pronghorn antelope oh... duh! 16 points and counting on a goat tag for moi.
  7. 1uofacat

    Results are Up!!!

    And just what is a $90 permit???
  8. 1uofacat

    Good news- bad news?

    When looking at the number of tags in 6A I refused to be a part of that "party"... I've hunted 6A several times with my kid's junior tags, and it's a big unit and all, but I can't imagine finding an area or a bull for that matter that's screaming at the world that doesn't have several other archers trying to sneak in on it at the same time. I guess now for many that would be awesome, but for myself I get to hunt so most is good from here, except that my two "junior" hunters went without a tag again this year. Here's one for you... I have tag No. 5, my son has tag No. 6, and my brother has tag No. 4, all for the same hunt, all applied separately. Try to tell me the odds of that... I guess the "hunting gods" wanted us all to hunt together!
  9. 1uofacat

    Tomorow Monday the 7th is the day!!!!

    Well, I know of a case where the applicant used a "valid" card, the bank screwed up and may have had a security breach so re-issued the guy's card w/out asking him. The G&F drew his number, tried to use the number, it failed, then re-issued the tag to another and wrote him a "scathing" email chastising him for not using a "valid" charge card number! Talk about insult to injury, it wasn't the guy's fault... did the G&F look into why? no... made someone else happy... but it would have made you very mad if it had happened to you I'm sure...
  10. 1uofacat

    Arizona Unit 27 Archery Elk

    just wondering when it was hit/charged... Have hunted in 27 quite a bit over the years, but not since the fire. Have you hunted there before? Overall, you should be able to find bulls, but will need to change tactics somewhat given there are areas that won't "recover" in our lifetime.