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    Hunting, fishing, camping, dog training, and the outdoors. Aside from that I love and practice the sport of dog frisbee. I also enjoy playing guitar.

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  1. capoeirajosh

    Chocolate colored bear

    Great looking bear!! Looks awesome coming through that box of toothpicks like hillside!
  2. capoeirajosh

    First coues

  3. capoeirajosh

    Pretty Cool buck

    Super awesome buck!
  4. capoeirajosh

    Hershey Surprise

    Awesome write up Keith! Congrats on another great bear!
  5. capoeirajosh

    First bear and he's Giant! Added video

    Super awesome bear!!
  6. capoeirajosh

    24-A Monster Bear!

    Nice!! Awesome bear!
  7. capoeirajosh

    Best Frame Pack For A Backpack Mule deer hunt

    Exo mountain gear makes a phenomenal backpack with a frame and suspension system that carries weight very well. I use the 3500 and got 9 days out of it last year on my CO elk hunt. They also make a 5500.
  8. capoeirajosh

    Lowa Tibet GTX

    $275 OBO
  9. capoeirajosh

    backpacking tents.... what are you guys using?

    As of late, I have been using a Nemo Hornet 2p. Loving this tent. Side entry with vesitbules on both sides. With the footprint, poles, stakes, and tent, you are looking at 3 pounds.
  10. capoeirajosh

    Colorado DIY OTC

    You can definitely get away from folks in CO. I backpacked into a wilderness last year for the archery hunt and in 8 days, we saw 3 other hunters. Mind you, they were on the trail, as was anyone else in the area. When we were actually hunting off trail, we ran into one guy, that's it. If you're willing to put the work in, you can do it.
  11. capoeirajosh


    I've been really enjoying the Victory VAP Tko's. Little missiles!!
  12. capoeirajosh

    Lowa Tibet GTX

  13. Congrats man! Any bear with a bow is an accomplishment!
  14. capoeirajosh

    Lowa Tibet GTX

    These are pretty much brand new. Only have 11 miles on them and been out in the field twice. Size 11.5. I accept PayPal and can ship if you need. Any questions, feel free to message me. Asking $300 OBO. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4b8gn454nfs4jfn/20170701_181416.jpg?dl=0
  15. capoeirajosh

    Lots of bears!!

    Awesome bear!