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  1. 1shot

    Vortex viper 6.5-20×44 $350

    is this scope still available and if so is it the 1st or 2nd focal plane scope
  2. 1shot

    guns for sale

    Posting these for a friend. If you are interested in Pics i will give you his phone number. Barreta 390 12Guage. synthetic stock,vent rib Like New. $450 Browning AB3 .300 Win Mag Boss system Black synthetic stock VX3 Leupold Scope 3.5-10X40 $995 PM ME AND I WILL SEND YOU HIS NUMBER
  3. 1shot


    PM sent
  4. 1shot

    New member

    Welcome Castaicjbl We had a great time with you and your dad on the pig hunt and hope to see you guys over here to share a camp for my Antelope hunt. You will love this site. Lots of good guys and a ton of great information here. Always someone willing to help. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon Jim
  5. 1shot

    Polaris MV7

  6. 1shot

    S&W 500....SOLD

    your right guys its only 2 3/4 barrel sorry for the error
  7. 1shot

    S&W 500....SOLD

    WANT TO SELL MY S&W 500 2 3/4" Ported Barrel Hard/Dry case with survival accessories included $1000 SOLD
  8. 1shot

    Polaris MV7

    2005 Polaris MV7- Military Specifications built for use by special forces in Afghanistan. Only year built and sold to the public was 2005 Model. most rugged ATV ever built. 145 hrs/900 miles. Steel reinforced frame,Racks and floorboards(no plastic except for the body) front & rear racks rated for 500 pounds. Polaris liberty 700 engine. Independent long travel rear suspension/exclusive on-demand all wheel drive/electronic activated front & rear 2500 pound winches/heavy duty steel flat racks front and rear with oversized D rings/Dual front and rear fuel tanks with 8.75 gal. Capacity/upgraded SS Wheels with bead lockers and new ITP all terrain tires/duel tow hooks/EBS engine brake system/Hitch 2" Receiver rated for 1500 lbs tow capacity/steel reinforced basket on back rack for extra storage/Duel side mounted gun racks for full size & oversized scoped rifles & shotguns/2 front rack mounted independent spotlights/digital Guages/ Over $12000 invested. Will sell for $4500
  9. 1shot

    Lost a great taxidermist

    Sad to say that Woody Holloway from young Az past away on Friday the 14th Woody was my life long friend and taxidermist who's work was second to none RIP Woody We love ya
  10. 1shot

    Loss of a great taxidermist

    I'm sad to say that woody Holloway from young Az past away on Friday the 14th. Woody was a lifelong friend and my taxidermist who's work was second to none. For those who knew him will tell you he was not only one of the best taxidermist but one of the greatest guys you would ever meet. I will post details about his service when i get them for those who are interested. RIP Woody We love ya
  11. 1shot

    Where to get a safe?

    See Copperstate Lock & security at McClintock and Warner in Tempe. We sell the American Security Safes and usually have huge discounted prices. Ask for Jim
  12. 1shot

    Where to get a safe?

    Not going to try to sell anyone a safe even though i am a dealer and have been a safe technician for 30 years. If its just a gun locker your looking for Costco safes are cheap and you get a lot of storage for your money. If its true security your looking for then stay away from Costco or SAMs club. Anyone who knows what they are doing can open those safes in a few minutes. There is a reason that a good safe that size will cost around $1500-$2000 and their safe is $600 Look at weight,fire rating and if the safe has hard plates and relockers. A lot depends on what your trying to protect. I wouldn't put 10K worth of guns in a $600 safe but if you only have a couple grand in firearms then your insurance will cover that much and a cheap safe will keep the honest people honest. Also keeps the kids from getting their hands on them. Not beating up anyone who has a Costco safe just stating facts. Try to stay with at least a 1 hour fire rating and ask if the safe is burglary rated. You would be surprised that most cheap gun safes do not have a burglary rating. Just my professional opinion Good luck
  13. 1shot

    Same Buck?

    Looks like a different buck to me