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  1. 1shot

    Diesel repair

    Hunter came and repaired my 2009 Duramax. Needed new Fuel Pressure Regulator and a couple cracked fuel lines replaced. Showed up on time with scheduled appointment and did a great job. Not easy part to get to on the Duramax but he definitely knew what he was doing. And he saved me a tow bill by coming to me. Thanks again to Hunter
  2. 1shot

    Amsec Pistol Safe

    Bump good pistol case. Great price
  3. 1shot

    S&W 1911PD .45 ACP

  4. 1shot


    Federal 180 Grain Nosler Partition .300 H&H Magnum. 40 Rounds $125 weatherby 180 Grain Partitions .300 Weatherby Magnum 45 Rounds $160 Federal Premium 180 Grain Nosler Solid Base Boat tail .300 Weatherby Magnum. 34 Rounds $100 Hornady Superformance 140 Grain SST .270 Win. 40 Rounds $70 Remington Core-Lokt 150 Grain SP .270 Win. 40 Rounds $40
  5. 1shot

    Tikka T3 .270 REDUCED PRICE - SOLD

    This has been sold.
  6. 1shot

    Tikka T3 .270 REDUCED PRICE - SOLD

    Ttt Reduced price
  7. Tikka T3 .270 win $675 PRICE NOW $600.00
  8. 1shot

    Propane Fire pit.

    4 Foot Diameter Propane Fire Pit. $100
  9. 1shot

    Quad Ramps Reduced Price

    Call when you can Jim 602-989-6480
  10. 1shot

    Quad Ramps Reduced Price

    Ttt Reduced price
  11. 1shot

    Quad Ramps Reduced Price

    Aluminum BiFold Quad ramps. $100 Price reduced to $75
  12. 1shot

    Quad Ramps

    Aluminum BiFold Quad ramps. $100
  13. 1shot

    Found two dogs in QC

    Try calling the Hartt foundation. they are a full non profit organization that helps with this kind of thing. we lost our GSD for 6 days and they helped us find him. Someone could have contacted them and reported them missing.
  14. 1shot

    Winchester Model 70

    Ttt- Reduced price