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  1. ghost hunter

    Elk draw website down

    I sent my paper app in couple of weeks ago.
  2. ghost hunter

    Whos going to win the Super Bowl Poll

    Since I'm sitting here reading internet news and CW, I'm also in the boycott camp. Hope the Pats win.
  3. ghost hunter

    Safe Highway Fees

    There is some discussion that this might be repealed. Just pay registration for 1 year at a time.
  4. ghost hunter

    AZGFD Password Reset Issues

    Couldn't get mine to re-set either. Said A-S and just called the 1-800 number to check on the draw results.
  5. ghost hunter

    AR 15 items for sale

    Consider them sold. I'm trying to build an AR so I can use some of those parts. Call me at 520-507-5212.
  6. Any one else notice this? I've only seen it in a couple of places.
  7. This was brought to my attention a couple of days ago. Any one know when this first appeared or how they came up with their definition?
  8. ghost hunter

    Everybody is Successful

    My question goes to the "harvest" ratio. They used to call it "success" rate so...if we are all "successful" (100%) whether we harvest or not, how to they know how many tags to issue the following year?
  9. Ok, I'll get up on the soap box one last time.. If you don't like having your app kicked out because the card/bank doesn't recognize the charge, STOP USING THE dang CARD. Apply on paper, send a check and grin knowing that at least your app was processed and not kicked out like those who used their card. Don't give me that "oh I can't afford to pay all at once crap." If you can take 12 months to pay off your credit card hits, you can take 12 months to save up the money to cover the check. We, as hunters have forgotten who is actually driving the bus. Or as some would say, "we've let the tail wag the dog". If you don't want the whole "apply 'on-line' only" to become the only way to apply, start demanding that we go back to paper, or at least, they have to accept both, whether they like it or not. Personally, I will be the last person in Arizona to apply by paper app. covered by my check for which I've saved enough over the year to cover it.
  10. ghost hunter

    Ford Mechanic

    It is a 2008 and developed that 'diesel knock'. Ford dealership said no problem, you just need $7,500 motor. Between two shops and $2,000 (didn't fix problem) I spent days of research and then replaced every moving part in the front of that motor. [soliniods, cam phasers, timing chains, guides, and oil pump]. Another shop said it needs new heads. After getting it back together, the engine code says that cam position isn't sync'd. I was super careful putting it back together, but now would like a learned second opinion. As for location, I live in SE Az so Tucson would be nice, but willing to consider Phoenix. I had to trailer this thing back from NC so a few extra miles now doesn't seem too far.
  11. ghost hunter

    Ford Mechanic

    I'm looking for an independent shop or mechanic that specializes in Ford trucks. More exactly, one who know alot about those dreaded 5.4 3v Triton engines. Maybe a Ford instructor?
  12. ghost hunter

    remove/treat rust

    Thanks for the info and ideas. I just used some of that evapo rust on a chain, and although it took longer than advertised, it did work. I was just wondering about the blueing. I was also a little leary about using steel wool vs the blueing.
  13. Aside from the obvious couple of answers, what, if any, can a person due for a gun with some rust. Not that it makes a difference how it happened, but I had a water line break and some of my guns got wet.
  14. ghost hunter

    They're everywhere

    Was in Safford yesterday afternoon. Came out of Walmart and there sits a Dark Green maybe black YJ hardtop with the camo one in the rear window. Pretty neat. Drive across the street and there is a silver/blue Dodge PU in the Safeway parking lot. Two in less than 5 minutes...,must be hunt'n season or something.
  15. ghost hunter

    Info wanted - electrician

    SW, I think you posted the pix for me. Thank you. I've look everywhere I could think of. After I get my heating element out, I'm gonna give them a call. GH