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  1. elecshoc

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Pretty much the same boat. Heck I've even had the unfortunate situation where I stepped on one and he just slid out from under the gap in front of my boot heel. Yeah that will get your blood pumping. The way I feel about this is about pretty much how I feel about any dangerous situation I partake in. I'm gonna just roll with it and see what happens. I mean in all reality I'm sure its probably way more dangerous driving out to the sticks than actually walking around.
  2. So heard this is a big seller around the Scottsdale area....
  3. elecshoc

    Another heartbreaking loss

    Sorry to hear of the loss, prayers up for the families involved. It seems like more so lately than other years. I-10 has been rerouted a couple of times that I've heard of.
  4. elecshoc

    Results are on the Portal

    Well here to next year, I'm on the bench again this year
  5. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    Well dimwits in NY to be honest. I say we gotta take care of us here and I'm hoping that's enough of a stronghold.
  6. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    That's the whole point of me talking about it, does that little comment just the tip of the iceberg or just an one off joke. I freely noted that I don't know, I'm not saying the poster is a racist or not. Is it a racist joke, no doubt it is. Is the poster racist I don't know him from anyone else on here really. That was my point about making a joke like that and the observation after words. It's just a comment I noticed and am amuse at because it's really like a weird, uncomfortable comment that just makes a person wonder.
  7. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    Yeah, she's way too left. I look at a situation like this though, the dems aren't going to let her do anything of substance. Especially as a freshmen rep. It's all talk at this point, the old guard, even the dems aren't going to let her upstage anyone with anything of substance. People may like to think it's the winds of change, once she spins her wheels in the mud for a while. She'll get the picture.
  8. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    For clarity, I'm not knocking the OP and the original post. Nothing wrong with discussing legislation here. But you respond to a post about lynching with a reference about getting one more in before it passes. Then that might be taken as a little bit racist, I don't know. I'm just going with the flow of the discussion here.
  9. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    Oh there's been a few here and there. I mean really when someone types out porch monkey and still has to click submit without skipping a beat, then they probably got a little racist streak runnin in em. There have a been a few other's here and there as well. But you know, just locker room talk, no biggie.
  10. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    You know after becoming a grandfather last year, I've been thinking a lot about the world around us and whats to become of it. Do I really think a senator looking at passing reparations legislation is going to be the end of the country. I really don't think so, what would probably do more damage is to have other's on the sideline talking about getting in "one more" before anything passing. Besides repaying peoples for past transgressions usually doesn't fly, especially those from the far past. My bet would be that it would be more of a symbolic type of recognition.
  11. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    Haha no not triggered. It's like walking in a crowd and guessing people's occupation. In this case though, through the keyboard do we get to see the little bit of one's true nature come out. Little comments and snarky remarks, do they hold bigger ideology or is just a bit of fun on the interwebs. Who knows really though, I surely don't. It's fun however to see stuff like pop up from time to time. I mean really after a few years on here the hunting part of this can get a little repetitive.
  12. elecshoc

    Kamala Harris making History!!!

    You know, I for one kinda like CW.com when it gets mildly racist around here. Kinda keeps up the pep you know.
  13. elecshoc

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Said it before and I'll keep saying it. Why would we not want to have a national border secure. A national border, frankly I don't care if its a wall, human eyes or electronic surveillance. On the side note though, I'm not sure a wall will make it that much more secure. Human ingenuity seems to have a way when desperate. Its not feasible to make a wall then to leave it static. Give it a couple weeks before you'll see evidence of breach. Thats just human nature.
  14. elecshoc

    wild horses

    What really needs to happen is to have the slaughter houses open back up. Put a little value back on those animals and they'll start "disappearing" on their own.
  15. elecshoc

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    Brings up the question, would you take a taser to the testies for a couple mil?