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  1. JACK

    Cool Finds

    I didn’t see any staples...the cast iron mortar and pestle, pick, and the gold pans...I just assumed prospector. The rasp is a farriers rasp and the shoes and bit are for a burro and the rings I believe are from a halter...and there were two dinner plates, spoon , fork, knife, and a corkscrew
  2. JACK

    Cool Finds

    Haven’t had an expert look at them...they are pretty rusted but from what we could find on the interweb the pans are Acme cold handle 1872 Is when they started getting manufactured...they came in a two pack...and the double boiler pot I don’t remember the maker but it started getting manufactured in 1880s
  3. JACK

    Cool Finds

    A few years ago I got caught in a crazy thunderstorm in the wilderness and this little cave was the best thing I could find for shelter...while I was waiting for the storm to pass I notice a piece of metal in the back of the cave and I started moving rocks and all this old miners loot was stashed in there...pretty crazy find...except the sumbitch didn’t leave any gold behind
  4. JACK

    help coues unit 24b

    That part that’s on fire...start there Oh but maybe wait til the fires out and the monsoons start
  5. JACK

    Best place to get a cowboy hat

    Watson’s in cave creek
  6. JACK

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Rio Verde we got 8”
  7. JACK

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Start by building the wall out of the drug smugglers? And see if that slows the rest down
  8. JACK

    DIY game bags

  9. JACK

    Coyote Live Trap

    I live right next to the Tonto and with a neighbor that thinks it’s a good idea to feed the coyotes I have a healthy number of coyotes that are basically fearless around my place...I know there are a lot of things I could do but I really don’t want to create problems with or for the neighbors...I think a live trap is my best option and chance to learn something new and maybe make a few buck if hides are worth anything?...I have no experience with live traps...So what are good traps...setups...etc?
  10. JACK

    American Hero passes. John Sidney McCain III

    You are a complete douche...you think I should edit my post like you did ehhh...GED and all Lee is spot on with his assessment of you
  11. JACK

    American Hero passes. John Sidney McCain III

    Funny I took the same exact picture off google maps...whos the real chicken sh!t 🤥
  12. JACK

    Hunting w/Non-Lead

    No need to get ruffled, I started this thread to allow discussion on the topic. It was surprising to me how polarizing this issue was. I know before you mentioned that there was conflicting data on this? You mentioned some statistics there, can you share your sources? I really do want to understand the topic better and do my part as a hunter to conserve our ecosystems. It seems that sources like huntfortruth.org think that this research was put forth by econazis intent on banning hunting. Thats why the podcast with Newberg was so enlightening. I would have otherwise never guessed that the Peregrine Fund was established by hunters and was a partner organization to AES, MDF, etc. I have learned a lot in the past few weeks and I am happy to say that endeavor started here. We can use CWT to facilitate conservation if we can just stop griping with each other. So no more hunting or shooting lead .22 or shot shells for you?
  13. JACK

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    Same old 21 tag 5th year in a row. Been rough in there last four seasons only been able to pull about 412 inches of bone out of there. And with a baby on the way end of September Im probably not going to get much scouting in so if anyone know there the big ones live Id really appreciate any info
  14. JACK


    Natural fires all part of the plan. Gots no problem with them.I been waiting patiently for years for a few spots to burn...do nothing but good IMO burn then rain win win
  15. JACK

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Not if you say youre sorry