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  1. FancyRedneck

    Verde Rim Access

    I haven't been there in years but when I was , I was happy I had the 4wd just in the few spots i did need it and it was a rough road . Plan on that FR68G to take a lot longer than you think.
  2. FancyRedneck

    Lee's Ferry Mid June/Early July

    Used to work up there doing fish surveys but not for Game and Fish . Anyways there is great fishing all the way down from the dam. Just below the dam there are some springs where Walleye like to hang out caught quite a few of them electrofishing. The best place along the stretch to fish for browns is just below Duck Island on the inside channel, if the park service and others haven't decided to remove them . This is where they do their spawning . Be sure to check for PIT tags in the fish if you decide to take them to eat, they should fall out from the gut cavity when you clean them but sometimes the tags get embedded into the meat of the fish. Bass boats are fine , i have seen all types of boats going up river including fiberglass. Never had a problem catching them on olive or black woolys.
  3. FancyRedneck

    Lets talk boots

    I use Lowa. The Renegade is a decent boot for what I put them through. Used to hike out of Grand Canyon on different trails at different times of the year. With a good Smart Wool sock you can't go wrong. Helps that my mother in law works for GORE so there is a discount.
  4. FancyRedneck

    AZGFD Portal Issues

    Mine is the same way… It might have something to do with purchasing my license from another vendor than buying it when I put in for the draw. I am willing to bet that things will be back to normal when the results are available for everyone not just portal account holders. If not the emails receipts from the app i filled out for the draw are my proof.
  5. FancyRedneck

    My NM Coues

    For not being "very big" , He sure is a nice looking buck. Congrats.
  6. FancyRedneck

    No Fish on the Lower Black!!!!!

    With the algae and lack of food source do you think that the water temp might also have something to do with it? We used to fish that part of the river every spring and between 3-6 guys would quit fishing in the early afternoon from catching so many fish. We decided to fish a different spot this last year and the difference in size was noticeable , not as many fish but bigger fish.
  7. FancyRedneck

    6a Help

    I was out this weekend scouting for my wife's November WT hunt. I went into an area I have seen bucks be it from trail cams bino's or ones that I have been blessed to kill. I ended up glassing 4 does with fawns and 2 separate does after a few hours of glassing. The country is great but scarce with water.
  8. FancyRedneck

    Honda Vs. Champion Generator

    Haven't used many generators but used the Honda 2000 in the bottom of the Grand Canyon working for GCMRC . Through the wind/ sand storms rain heat in the summer and cold in winter I would spend the money on them. Just like anything else if you keep up with maintaining them they will keep running for a long time.
  9. FancyRedneck


    Found a few cameras last year in 21 , They had either just set it up or just checked it and had left their cable lock sitting on the ground . I put it on top of the lock box and walked away. A few weeks later the camera was about 100 yards away and 8 ft in the air locked up . Pulled my cameras and mover to a different area.
  10. FancyRedneck

    Small Mouth Fishing on the Black River

    I don't know any names other than it was above where the Black and white merge together . We hiked a ways back in to go where not many people reach just to catch such fish ,the plan actually worked out .
  11. FancyRedneck

    Small Mouth Fishing on the Black River

    I was in there about 2 weeks ago and the fishing was good . They were hitting the bait pretty soft though. Pretty good day overall though nothing big but quite a few 2-3 pound fish.
  12. FancyRedneck

    What's going on at Lee's Ferry. WTF

    No matter how many rainbows they try putting in at the ferry it will be a disaster…. They have done it before and it didn't work so lets do it again ??? Makes a lot of sense. According to the FB post this was done by the NPS through the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center. But in all fairness is there a big difference between Mame and Squish and the NPS?
  13. FancyRedneck

    "Good to a thousand" mentality??

    My personal favorite that I watched last year was a guy shoot over 600 to get the buck to move to a better position. Thing is it still took him another 6 shots after that to tag the buck. I feel as if people that have the money go out buy top of the line gadgets and rifle and then they are automatically a 800+ yard shooter. Just because you see someone on a hunting show do it doesn't mean that you are capable of what they are. I had to re-sight in my scope from last year because it got bumped. I haven't really practiced further than 200 yards and thats all I am comfortable with so I don't shoot much more than that because I haven't practiced it. Is the gun capable of 500 or more yards yes , maybe with time and practice I will be to. Its the responsibility of all hunters to take ethical shots and make a quick kill.
  14. FancyRedneck

    Any luck???

    Have seen more hunters on every hill I have been on than deer. I have put the miles in 5 & 8 on two of the days I have been out . Been seeing them but just out of range. Planning on a full day tomorrow.
  15. FancyRedneck

    Unit 21 coues tag

    I have the same tag. Haven't had a chance to get out and scout but I have had the hunt before . The buck in my avatar is from 21 a few years back.