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  1. Yuma Archer

    backpack hunt

    Pm me
  2. Yuma Archer

    My Brother's in St Marys, in Tucson.

    I will pray for him.
  3. Yuma Archer


    Bawahhh lol, that was funny
  4. Yuma Archer

    what animals eat barrel cactus?

    I would say yes , amazing how a sheep can eat that type of food!
  5. Yuma Archer

    Yuma Mule deer hunting (desert deer)

    There is alfalfa hunting which is for the less skilled folk and desert hunting which is the true experience!
  6. Yuma Archer

    My Desert Ram

    Nice ram Ryan!
  7. Yuma Archer

    Duck Recipes --- who has a good one?

    Sausage! I make Asian duck sausage it is the best! No duck flavor eats great.
  8. Going out tomorrow, I got in touch with a buddy of line he helped Tom today but they did not get to the ram in time. I pray this will be the day for him!
  9. Is this guy still in need, I live in Yuma and could help someone pm me
  10. Yuma Archer

    The Muzzy hunt is almost here!

    This picture is from a good friend of mine. His buddy killed Saturday. This is in Yuma
  11. Yuma Archer

    Skull cleaning

    Thanks for the reply, I have done a few skulls in the past. Going to do cold water first then when I can finish the process going to do hot. Finish cold with peroxide.
  12. Yuma Archer

    Big Muley!

    What was the score?
  13. Yuma Archer

    New #2 bull elk

    Anyone heard of this bull killed by a lady in Arizona? Supposedly the #2 in Arizona #5 in the world Someone find the picture!
  14. Yuma Archer

    yuma az ram

    What unit was he in!
  15. Yuma Archer

    Skull cleaning

    Anyone doing skull cleaning in Yuma area?