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  1. ej20

    Lets See Them Kids

  2. ej20

    Lets See Them Kids

    My hunting partner
  3. ej20

    Which pack?

    They only have it in small which say 5'6 and below. I am 5'6 but I'm curious if it'll be uncomfortable since im at the max
  4. ej20

    Which pack?

    Really?? Thanks ill look into that
  5. ej20

    Which pack?

    I've had my heart set on a outdoorsman optics hunter pack however ross outdoors is having a 25% off sale on mystery ranch packs tomorrow. That's about $130 off a Metcalf pack bring it just under $400. Since this brings the metcalf in the same range as the outdoorsmans I'm considering picking it up. Does anyone have experience with both? Which do you guys prefer? Thanks in advance.
  6. ej20

    Why I buy points

    Thanks Adam for chatting with me and passing along your knowledge.
  7. ej20

    Kuiu gear

    Pm sent
  8. Selling my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4. 4.7 liter V8 with select-trac. It has just over 90,000 miles and runs great. Very clean inside. Minimal stratches outside, paint is still really nice. All stock no modifications. The V8 feels really strong compaired to the straight 6. I bought in December as a second vehicle to take hunting and fishing. We're buying a house and want to sell to help with the move. This is a solid Jeep and hate to let it go. I have the carfax from when I bought it. I only put 3,000 miles since I bought. My number is 6238506566. Text would be best because I am working nights for the next 2 weeks. More pictures in the craigslist post. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/cto/6112559632.html
  9. Vortex vulture HD's only used on one hunt. Comes with vortex bino adapter, vortex strap, Cabela's bino harness, box and lens covers.
  10. ej20


    Pm sent
  11. ej20

    My first antelope (pic heavy)

    Thanks. I still can't stop thinking about this hunt and looking at pictures haha
  12. ej20

    Bull of a lifetime UPDATED with story

    That bull looks so cool. Congrats
  13. ej20

    My first antelope (pic heavy)

    Thanks guys. I can't stop looking at pictures and thinking about the hunt, it was truly a memorable hunt. We cooked the back straps last night. They were awesome, Antelope meat is so good, my son who is a very picky eater even loved it. My wife also is not very fond of wild game loved it. I was pretty happy with that. My one and a half year old daughter eats everything so of course she had no problem eating.
  14. I filled my tag first thing Friday morning. It was a super fun hunt and made a lot of memories. It was my son and wife's first hunt. My wife decided to go and take pictures because she knew how lucky I was to get drawn for the hunt and how excited my son was to go on his first. My son was with me on every scouting so he got the full experience which was pretty cool. I also got a lot of help from my cousins with everything they treated the hunt as if they had a tag themselves. We found some really good bucks every time we went scouting but unfortunately being the 4th hunt in the unit made it hard. We couldn't find any of the bucks we picked out but we found this buck and I'm still really happy with it.
  15. ej20

    Meat processing recommendations

    Thanks guys looks like I'm taking it to von Hanson's