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  1. We just had 15 guys travel in from Kone to do an outage and they have branch offices everywhere. So yeah they travel. If that’s a before and after picture they ran that block into the sheaves nest and it’s jammed in there.
  2. Bubba85

    20B Javelina

    Anyone else going to be on the juniors hunt next weekend? This will be my daughters fist hunt. We are both very excited about it, went out last weekend and found some pigs. Hopefully we can find them again. It would be nice to maybe link her up with some other kids. Any how good luck to the youth hunters.
  3. Bubba85

    Ammo and game cams

    Monday bump
  4. Bubba85

    Ammo and game cams

    Friday bump with price drop. Cameras Sold
  5. Bubba85

    Ammo and game cams

    3- boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter 300 wing mag 200gr eld-x $30each 1 partial box (15 rounds) of Hornady custom 7mm rem mag 162gr BTSP interlock $15 1 partial box (15 rounds) of federal premium 7mm mag 160gr Nosler partition $15 SOLD-stealth cams both have 32 gig memory cards. One the card sticks a bit but still functions properly. $75 for the pair. In Buckeye and meet within reason. Thanks
  6. Bubba85

    Savage axis rifles

    Is this still a thing? Sale still going on?
  7. Daughter has her first deer and pig hunt this year looking to swap stocks on my ruger American to fit her a little better.
  8. Bubba85

    yard sale Sitka, firstlite, slik, marsupial

    I’ll take Seconds on the tripod if something don’t work out.
  9. Bubba85

    Outdoorsman tripod medium FS

  10. Bubba85


    So they’ve been dropped....???
  11. Bubba85

    Glock 26 Gen 4

    Any trades?
  12. Bubba85


    Coming to the valley anytime soon?
  13. Bubba85

    FS: Savage 11 Youth 243: SOLD

    Sure I’d appreciate that.
  14. Bubba85

    FS: Savage 11 Youth 243: SOLD

    Did this end up selling?