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  1. Bubba85

    Ammo clean out & varget

    They already sold.
  2. Bubba85

    Ammo clean out & varget

    Weekend bump with price drop
  3. Bubba85

    36A hunts

    My daughter and niece got drawn for 36A for the youth hunt. I’ve never been but I have hunted B and C quite a bit over the years.
  4. Bubba85

    Ammo clean out & varget

    TTT 300 WSM SPF
  5. Bubba85

    Ammo clean out & varget

    Cleaning out the ammo closet, located in the west valley (Buckeye) 300 WSM 150gr Ballistic tip $60 SOLD 7mm Rem Mag federal premium 150gr ballistic tip $55 7mm Rem Mag Core-lokt 150gr $45 30-06 Core-lokt 165gr $40 SPF 6.5 creedmoor: (2) Seiller & Bellot 140gr fmj $35 (2) Winchester open tip range 125gr $35 (2) 243 Federal 100gr soft points $35 20 gauge rifles slugs $20 (4) varget 1# $50 each
  6. Bubba85

    Free Carbon Arrows for Youth

    Depending on location I’ll take them.
  7. Bubba85

    QD mounts?

    Anyone setup with a QD mount and use the same scope on multiple rifles? I’ve been contemplating selling a few of my mid tier scopes and buying one or two more high end scopes and using QD mounts. Just looking for some pros and cons. Thanks
  8. Bubba85

    Safe Cleanout

    Location if in the valley I’ll take the Winchester model 70
  9. Bubba85


    I’ll take the lower
  10. Bubba85

    Axis aftermarket stock

    Anyone have an aftermarket stock or chassis for a reasonable price? Throwing a little project together for my daughter, trying to do it on the cheap. Just for background information it’s a semi fast twist 243.
  11. Bubba85

    Swarovski 10x42 SLC HD

    Great seller! Buy with confidence. Bought some 15x56 HD’s off of him.
  12. Bubba85

    Closet clean out

  13. What caliber is the rifle? 6mm?
  14. Bubba85


    I’ll take them.
  15. Bubba85

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Had it a two months ago much like lance headaches, fever, no smell/taste lasted about a week and a half. it kicked up my asthma that hasn’t been an issue before the VID. Wife and kids all had it as well. Kids recovered within days wife was in the same boat as me.