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  1. Bubba85

    Meopta meostar HD 20-70x82.

    If seller is legit this is a great price on a great spotter.
  2. Bubba85

    21 help

    North Richmond area
  3. Bubba85

    21 help

    Hey fellas i appreciate it. I’ll start looking on OnX for some glassing points. Thank you
  4. Bubba85

    21 help

    So I am going to be that guy…helping a buddy who got drawn putting in his first time ever for an Az. We are both flying in from VA next week. I’ve been out here in VA since January and haven’t had time to do any scouting other than escout. I know he has tried contacting the unit manager and has a few starting spots that he’s thinking about any other help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Bubba85

    Coati hunting

    I’ve seen them in the 36’s on several occasions, last year was the first time I seen some in the central units.
  6. Bubba85

    Swarovski and Meopta optics for sale.

    Good price on an excellent spotting scope.
  7. Bubba85

    **SOLD** Minox BL 15x56

    Great glass, very underrated and a steal at that price.
  8. Bubba85

    Supressor aproved

    Just got approved for one of my cans I submitted in late December today. So right around the 8 month mark as well.
  9. Bubba85

    Labahoula pups free to good home

    Two more left let’s find them a good home.
  10. Awesome dogs! The my male in my add for the free pups came from hynoon. Great with kids.
  11. Bubba85

    Labahoula pups free to good home

    Only one male and one female left
  12. Bubba85

    Labahoula pups free to good home

    The male and 3 are left females left.
  13. Bubba85

    Labahoula pups free to good home

    Saturday bump
  14. Bubba85

    Labahoula pups free to good home

    Yeah he did, he is an awesome dog!