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  1. Coues assassin

    SKB case, Kuiu pants, Simple release

    TTT Make an offer
  2. Coues assassin

    SKB case, Kuiu pants, Simple release

    TTT located in Tucson NW side
  3. Coues assassin

    SKB case, Kuiu pants, Simple release

    Waterproof iSeries SKB case, In great shape never used much. $200 L: 36.5” W:14.5” Depth: 6” Too Simple release, decided to go a different route. Works great $150 Kuiu Tiburon pants size 36. Only worn one time, look brand new. $100 Everything OBO, shoot me a PM!
  4. Coues assassin

    Lake Mary in the winter?

  5. Coues assassin

    Lake Mary in the winter?

    So a buddy of mine is coming down from out of state and we want to try our hand at lake Mary (upper or lower doesn’t matter) we would really like to catch pike and walleye, research shows nothing about catching these in Arizona. We are planning on going mid December so it shouldn’t be to cold yet, but will the fishing be tough and what strategies should we use?
  6. Coues assassin

    Dove recipes?

    Soak for 24 hours in sprite or ginger ale, cut into bite sized pieces, cook in pan with soy sauce/teriyaki sauce. Add stir fry veggies and throw over rice.
  7. Coues assassin

    Remington 700 .270 win

    Remington 700 .270 win Vortex 6x24x50 MRAD Scope Fusion 130gr ammo Comes with bipod attached sweet shooting gun only had about 40 rounds through it! Text/call for more pictures and questions. Located in Tucson. (520) 240-7010 $500 whole package.
  8. Coues assassin

    Aluminum boat, 40hp mercury, tilt motor, steering

    Willing to sell motor separate? I have exact same boat would like to do something similar.
  9. Coues assassin


    Interested as well, what’s your location
  10. Coues assassin


    Hope this warm weather turns it on for next weekend! Keep the updates and any tips coming! Targeting crappie and cats
  11. Coues assassin


    Any update on Roosevelt? Anyone been lately? I will be headed up next weekend. Any advice appreciated
  12. Coues assassin

    Looking for Roosevelt lake rental home

    A buddy and I are looking to possibly rent a place for one/two nights the last weekend in April near Roosevelt lake. I checked Air bnb and couldn’t find what I was looking for. If anyone has a home in the area they would like to rent for a night or two please send me a message.
  13. Coues assassin

    Cast iron Dutch oven 12 inch

    Good stuff is never in tucson
  14. Coues assassin

    Weimaraner needs new home!

  15. Coues assassin

    Weimaraner needs new home!

    We could always set something up to have the two dogs meet if you would like. We are not in any rush to get rid of Boone until we find him the right home