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  1. Thank you! There was a time when I probably wouldn't have told the guy and he would have just walked right on by never knowing they were there. But...I think I have matured as a hunter and realize that helping out when you can is what it's all about. I was happy for him, especially to see how excited he was. My husband has gutted one in the field for a new hunter(someone we happened to walk up on), showing him what to do and then we helped get the buck out to our side by side and give the guy and his friend a ride to their truck which was a few miles away. It's a great feeling to know you helped someone and those good deeds always pay off in the long run. 🙂🦌
  2. Thanks! I sure hope to have something to write about after the bull hunt...fingers crossed!
  3. Thank you! I'm super happy with him and can't wait to get him back from the taxidermist later this year.
  4. Thanks! I agree I was rewarded for sure. I will be forever thankful!
  5. Thank you! We are both blessed to be able to hunt together.