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  1. krash73

    nephew 1st elk hunt 1st kill 22n Dec hunt

    Congrats. I've been out here all week and have 1 more day to fill my tag. It is tough with all the hunters out here.
  2. krash73

    22N Day After Thanksgiving Bull Hunt

    I have the Dec 4th tag so leave me at least 1 plz. Good luck and I hope you get one.
  3. krash73

    Late rifle hunt

    I will be headed up to 22N next week. Happy thanksgiving everyone.
  4. krash73

    Elk processing

    I was wanting to get some of it made into meat sticks and sausage and some of it ground up. I don't have anything or the room for that.
  5. krash73

    Elk processing

    I have a 22N tag I plan on filling in December. Where is a good place to take it for processing? I have a guy in young that can do it but wanted to know what other good options I have around Payson. Also I think I will likely need to de-bone the elk to pack it out easily, do you have any tips for that? Thanks
  6. krash73

    Free Stuff, & a couple pay for's!

    I'm interested in the bow case if born to hunt passes. I'm ten minutes from tempe and I have little money.. Thanks
  7. krash73

    Permit Number?

    Where in the regs is this information? I have looked for it and can't seem to find it. Thanks
  8. krash73


    Is that an actual app?
  9. krash73

    Where did you put in?

    I put in for trophy 22n rifle and late 22n rifle, then unit8 rifle. I got a hit on my cc because it looks like most are doing archery these days.
  10. krash73

    Salt/Mineral Licks

    Is it legal to setup a salt lick and then hunt it?
  11. krash73

    vortex vulture

    I had my vultures out a couple weeks ago and like the glass. I think I might have a problem with mine though. The diopter that adjusts the vision of the 1 eye might have an issue. It seems like I'm having to adjust the diopter after using the binos for a while. I want to send them in but want to have them for my hunt soon. Been to bass a couple times to see if they had a pair I could compare and see if they do the same thing but they don't carry vultures. I can give you a better review after my hunt.
  12. krash73

    Would you hunt alone?

    Thanks for the replies. I now have completing a successful hunt alone on my bucket list. I was getting pumped to be hunting alone for the later part of the hunt but my uncle will be able to give me a hand for the entire week. This is good because he is the one that took me hunting and he is good at finding game. Still learning from him.
  13. I'm burning up inside. I need to get back up there for a little scouting.
  14. krash73

    Would you hunt alone?

    Thanks for the replies and the offer to help me pack out the harvest. I thought hunting alone was an oddity as I have always gone with friends. Seems to be a lot more common than I thought. I'm pretty familiar with the area and kind of look forward to being alone after reading these posts. Thanks everyone.
  15. krash73

    Would you hunt alone?

    I have a rifle hunt in unit 23.