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  1. krash73

    Free clothes dryer

    Dryer is gone.
  2. krash73

    Free clothes dryer

    Pending pick up tomorrow.
  3. krash73

    Free clothes dryer

    Model # in case you want to google it.
  4. krash73

    Free clothes dryer

    Free- Maytag front loading dryer. It still kind of works just takes twice as long to dry a load. I think it has a bad element but didn’t dive into it. I bought it new in 2008ish. If you want it I can put it out front and even help you load it. I am even leaving the power cord attached. Located near Gilbert and Mckellips
  5. krash73

    Blocking traffic? LMAO!

    That was so awesome.
  6. krash73

    Knife Recommendations

    I use a cheap Smith knife sharpener and it’s done a good job for me. I will run my knife through the sharpener a couple times and it good to go again. My skinning knife was a free gift from hunting fool magazine so I doubt it’s very expensive but it’s been a great knife. The blade is strong enough to separate joints and it’s the only knife I use.
  7. krash73

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

  8. krash73

    What State

    For me it would be Northern Idaho, I know it wasn’t on your list. It would be a low maintenance home so that we can travel but still have a great place to call home. Home would be near a river that gets salmon or a lake so I have something to do while enjoying adult beverages. You are on the right track though, debt free is the key.
  9. krash73

    Financing travel trailer.

    I had a toy hauler and if I remember correctly the trailer tires I had were only rated for 65mph.
  10. krash73

    Vortex 20x56 binos

    If these are your loaner pair then wait until you see a reason to send them back for warranty and see what you get back. I couldn’t bring myself to break them to get a new pair. Like you said, karma.
  11. krash73

    Big Tent - free

    It’s gone.
  12. krash73

    Big Tent - free

    From what I remember it has a door on each end. If I remember correctly, I could stand up in it and I’m 6’.
  13. krash73

    Big Tent - free

    It would make a great club house To keep the kids busy during this time of social distancing. Just set it up in the back yard and leave it.
  14. krash73

    Big Tent - free

    It’s a nylon Tent. No stove jack, just a basic tent you would use on a family camp out. I wouldn’t use it in the cold weather.
  15. krash73

    Big Tent - free

    I was given an old tent, probably from the 90s, that I will not use. I set it up but it’s not for me, it has 2 rooms, each room about 10’x10’. The bad: the floor had a lot of dry rot. The setup took some time because the old school poles you had to figure out what goes where. It requires being staked down and guide strings to keep it up. The good: it’s free. The shell seemed good and all pieces were there. Again, it is free. unless you find value in it then I’ll take some toilet paper, guns or ammo 😷 Let me know if you want it and I will leave it out for you to pick up. I’m in Mesa. Gilbert and McKellips area.