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  1. krash73

    Bino Pouch Recommendations

    I’ve been using the Vortex bino harness that came with my binos and I don’t like it. Seems to not ride comfortably on my chest. It also doesn’t have a rangefinder pouch. I think they do have other models available, just stay away from their cheapest one.
  2. krash73

    Portal results up

    #fakedraw Congrats to everyone with a tag. I hope you fail.
  3. krash73

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    I haven’t been lucky enough to get drawn in 2 years so this is upsetting. Is there a link for this?
  4. krash73

    5mm rim fire ammo.

    PM sent.
  5. krash73

    Finally Rain!!

    We got about .5” Saturday and just over 1” yesterday near Workman creek.
  6. krash73

    Hits Started

    I am hoping this is the case…. Otherwise it’s another year with no tags.
  7. krash73

    Recommendations for a cabin

    That sounds great. I forgot there are electric smokers. That offers a lot of different options with something like that.
  8. krash73

    Payson fireworks 🤔

    Looks like Payson has a neat event this weekend for July 4th. Just not sure about the fireworks being a good idea unless they have gotten a little moisture recently. The concerts sounds like a good time tho.
  9. krash73

    Recommendations for a cabin

    Dang. That sounds like microwave hotdogs on July 4th. 🤮 I just looked at Gila county and luckily we don’t have the same restrictions this weekend.
  10. krash73

    Fires fires fires

    Correct, you can’t stop that.
  11. krash73

    Fires fires fires

    Agreed. Probably should have done it sooner.
  12. krash73

    Tick Tock

    I hope this is true only because I do t have anything yet. 🤞
  13. krash73

    Tick Tock

    I hope so. I really hope its going to happen within the next week.
  14. krash73

    Sold. Delete

    06 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi 4wd runs great. 178k miles. Tow mirrors Big horn edition. Tires about 1 yr old. 20” rims, aftermarket stereo. Been my daily driver for a few years. No leaks. Text is best. 480-797-7991 located in Mesa
  15. krash73


    4 seasons in Rye had propane cheaper than the valley if you’re going that way.