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    Bucket List Hunts

    Do the physical hunts while you're young and in shape. Save the hunts that interest you that aren't as physical for later in life. If you really want the hunts to happen make them a priority. 1-Mountain Goat 2-Dall Sheep/Stone Sheep 3-Elk/Mule Deer backpack or horse trip into one of the big wilderness areas
  2. I have a t3 superlite 300 WM with a Bolly composite stock. I have to apply more pressure to the front of the magazine then I think it should take. I do not have the other issue.
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    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I road a mountain bike up National at south mountain yesterday in the evening ran into two,one was what I think is a speckled. They are cool looking if you are into that kinda thing
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    Daughter's Grand Canyon Trip

    I would like to help her out please pm me. My middle daughter loves the Canyon, for her Girl Scout Gold award she replaced all the food boxes and leave no trace stickers,in the inner canyon. What a trip it will be, life Time memories right there
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    Rrrrrattle Rattle

  6. 131

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I ride mountain bikes all the time to stay in shape for hunting. Last weekend we rode from Mayer to Black Canyon City on the Black Canyon trail. Ran into two rattle snakes that were extremely mad, one gila monster and one king snake. I often wonder how many I ride by that I never see or hear. I spend 75% of the time looking for snakes and 25% watching the trail. Friday morning at South Mountain while riding was the first one I saw this year that was not mad.
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    Sheep Relocation

    They do not to hard to handle
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    how old are the sleeping bags?
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    Kaibab growth?

    Daughter and I road mountain bikes from Utah to Grand Canyon on the Arizona Trail this Sunday and Monday. I saw a couple of good bucks on the AZT between FR 225-241. I hope you have a great hunt Jim
  10. Phoneskope for iPhone 6/6s fits Otter box defender case 35$ No optic adapters Used otter box defender case and belt clip 10$ New otter box defender case and belt clip 20$
  11. Contact Eric Goss at axis works in Tempe AZ 574-248-0929. Great guy and likes Tikka's
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    are the boots narrows
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    I just headed up 87 to shoot clean shoot clean. I have not even put the scope on it yet. Everyone's work looks great I will make some calls tomorrow thanks for all the help and photos.
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    Thanks everyone for getting back to me. The weather cleared up late this afternoon so I decided to go out and start breaking it in. Returned home, grilled some brats and found some great information, thank you. Lancetkenyon, the micro bastard was one of the breaks I was thinking about since this will only be used as a backpack rifle. It looked like you sent me a pm but if you did it did not go through. Jim
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    I am in the east valley I do not mind driving it anywhere in AZ just did not want to ship it. I will check them out. Thank you.