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  1. Cmv

    $350 7mm Rem Mag Smith & Wesson 1500

    Interested, but I don't know when I'd be in Phoenix next.
  2. Cmv

    WTS - 2006 Yamaha Grizzly

    Good deal
  3. Cmv

    Knight Bighorn 50cal

    I I have a Knight Bighorn musseloader and everything you need for it. I bought it last year, used it on my coues hunt and now I would like to sell it. I'm asking $225. Everything in the photos is included. You don't need to buy anything else to go out and use this. From cleaning supplies to speed loaders, it's an entire musseloader package.
  4. Cmv

    Any Muzzleloaders for sale?

    I have a 50 Cal I'm wanting to sell.
  5. Cmv


    I can be there tomorrow
  6. Cmv

    ISO: Palm Tree Trimmer

    In phoenix?
  7. Cmv


    Where are you located
  8. Cmv


    Hunt duck with the remington? If so I will buy it
  9. Cmv

    LEM Meat Grinder $200

    I would like it if addicted changes his mind
  10. Cmv

    Browning Double Automatic 12ga Shotgun $550

    Is this still available?
  11. Cmv


    Where are you located
  12. Cmv

    Grizzly 150 qt cooler

    What is your price drop
  13. Cmv


  14. Cmv

    Kenetrek Boots

    Great boots!