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    Son is looking for a *Nintendo Switch*

    For sure a shortage. My niece had to call like 30 stores to find one. Call Costco and see if they have any. They will hold it for you. That’s what she did.
  2. camoremi

    WTB palisade 90

    Looking to buy an outdoorsmans palisade 90 in coyote brown. Trying here before I buy new.
  3. camoremi

    ISO marlin model 60

    Looking for model 60 prefer stainless tubefed. LMK what you have
  4. camoremi

    ISO marlin model 60

    Pm sent
  5. camoremi

    1000 Rounds 9mm Ammo - SOLD

    Probably because I heard cabelas sold out from people freaking out.
  6. I know very little about guns. I primarily bow hunt but haven’t had the necessary time to practice to be ethical. So my question is I bought a savage 110 and it already had a rail on it. I mounted the scope and after I went shooting I noticed there is a gap in the rear of the rail. Accuracy didn’t seem affected at all but I’m just curious if it’s normal? I’m assuming it’s aluminum and maybe it expanded/contracted from heat? Before mounting the scope I torqued everything. Attached is an image of how it sits now.
  7. camoremi

    Picatinny gap

    Well in my defense the first one was a cheap a$$ one from autozone. Then I used a Milwaukee one and it got it out. But that sucker was in there pretty good.
  8. camoremi

    Picatinny gap

    Didn’t bottom out. And the screws were not stripped. I re-installed it and the gap is gone. It was only the front screw that was difficult to take out. Felt like it was well over 30 inch lbs. I went back and forth between the screws slowly tightening them and everything looks flush now.
  9. camoremi

    Picatinny gap

    I removed the rail. Doesn’t look to be any burs with all the screws loose and very little pressure the rail sits perfect. Seems like it did not have even torque, I’m not sure if I that could have caused the issue. The front screw literally broke 3 torx bits to get it out. Luckily the screw didn’t snap. I purchased Devon and am just going to bed it for piece of mind.
  10. camoremi

    Lots in prime 23

    I wish
  11. camoremi

    Picatinny gap

    Which devcon? Gonna order it on amazon.
  12. camoremi

    Picatinny gap

    Thanks for feed back guys.
  13. camoremi

    Picatinny gap

    This is a 20 moa rail. Will bedding it negate the elevation?
  14. camoremi


    Great deal
  15. camoremi

    Dec 2019 Rifle Coues

    Great buck buddy
  16. camoremi

    Swarovski SLC 15x56 $1200

    How are these still available at that price
  17. camoremi

    My 2019 buck!

    Sweet Ben didn’t know you were on here too.
  18. What’s you opinion on that scope? I’ve been looking at them online
  19. camoremi

    Fs pse dream season evo

    Draw length is 29 and is adjustable. Poundage is at about 73 lbs. has almost new custom string from aac. Looking to get $280 bare bow.
  20. camoremi

    Fs pse dream season evo

    2012. Chrono’d at 298
  21. White truck at willow springs lake with AZ ground pounder decal. It was on sunday