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  1. FoxTrotter

    Tick Tock

    I hope it's today as I'm doing my family's apps for NM and Utah this weekend. My two oldest grandsons, 11 and 13, text me every 5 minutes to see if they drew their jr elk tags. This is pretty bad. Every other state that I apply my family for allows us to apply for all species and buy a license in one transaction. The results come out on the published date. just charge the cards. We can look in the portal later. Or, just give all of us on Coues White elk tags and we will be happy campers.
  2. FoxTrotter


    After 6 calls over the last 10 days I finally got my grandkids points over to the new portal under their father. Today I applied for their tags, my daughters, my son in law, and my self. Buying 5 licenses, 5 elk apps, and 5 antelope apps meant doing 15 different charges on credit cards and 3 hours of my afternoon. I apply in 7 states for the family, and every other state allows me to go in, buy my license, apply for multiple different tags and check out with one charge. Quick and easy especially when you are doing 5 apps in each state.
  3. This week I tried to get my 13 year old grandson a portal account. I was told that its now 14 and I had to add both his account and his brothers,10 year old, account to their fathers account. So now when I access their fathers account it show him plus the two boys. I also need a new code sent to me every time I access the account. Both boys had licenses and points but they haven't been merged yet. IT said it would take 24 hrs but its been longer so Ill have to call them again next. week.
  4. FoxTrotter

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    Both my grandsons pulled youth cow tags this year. I just bought the oldest, 12 years old, a left handed Tikka superlite 6.5 Creedmore. I would have bought the same rifle in 7-08 if it had been available. The youngest just turned 10 and will use his mothers Rem 700 youth model in 7-08. She shoots both the 120 Barnes TTXS and the 120 BT and has taken both elk and deer with these. Both of these calibers offer low recoil, a great variety of bullet types including Lite loads for practice, and easily reach 300-400 yards. It's going to be a fun fall in AZ.
  5. FoxTrotter

    Credit Card Hit

    3 out of 5 All NR -- 1 early archery for me and 2 youth hunts for my grandsons. The kids are to young to have portal accounts,10 and 12 year olds, so when can you call F&G to find out what tag they drew?
  6. FoxTrotter

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Red Sparky I thought about changing my NM apps but as a NR they are all for the Gila and they have real low percentage odds. I put my son in law and me for AZ in on the same card so I don't know who got the AZ tag.We are both NR's in for early archery in middle tier units. If it was a second pass tag that got rejected then it could be either one of us. If it was the bonus pass tag then it would be him as he had one more point than I did.
  7. FoxTrotter

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Been checking my cards all weekend and nothing. Got home tonight and checked again and there is a pending charge for archery elk that was posted today. Of course last night I applied my kids and myself for NM archery at the same time as AZ. Looks like there is still hope this week.
  8. FoxTrotter

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    For those of us that really want to chase elk and apply in other states this late date has caused a big problem. My kids and I have now applied in AZ and NM for hunts that have over lapping time frames. Apps for CO are due in the next couple days and NV is getting close. If unit 10 is the problem as Don Martin says, then 2200 elk tags are holding up 135,000 people that have applied and are waiting for results. I think that's the number of apps last year. It's pretty stupid that F&G has taken this long to work out an agreement.
  9. FoxTrotter

    Still hope cc issues

    NM and CO takes your money up front. They don't have to charge you after the draw, Just refund your money if you didn't pull the tag.
  10. FoxTrotter

    Women's Cartridge

    My daughter shoots a 700 Remington youth rifle in 7-08 with 120 TTSX Barnes.Her last bull was at slightly over 225 yards. Bullet passed thru both shoulders and out the off shoulder. Bull dropped on the spot. While I normally carry a .338 or a 300 WSM I'm impressed with this cartridge . No kick, 3000 fps with a 120 gr bullet and it shoots flat.
  11. FoxTrotter

    Card Hit

    Cabelas is always 2 to 3 days late in posting charges. I'll have to look at the available credit. Thanks.
  12. FoxTrotter

    UU Bar Ranch elk hunt

    Again I thought the UUBar moved the hunts to the CS side but that said, there are plenty of management bulls 5x5's in that area. Some migrate in from the North thru Angel Fire and move to the CS, UUBAR, Filmont boy scout land or across to the VPR. Genetics aren't as good as they they are in the Gila so 350's are very very hard to find. Don't know what the ranch told you about size but some tend to over promise. If you hunt up on top you will be at about 10,000 ft.across from the ski lifts. It's beautiful country and you will see a lot of elk.
  13. FoxTrotter

    UU Bar Ranch elk hunt

    SwampMafia Are you doing the management hunt or the trophy hunt? The UUBar offers two different type hunts.Bulls may be still bugling depending on if its a early or late rut. Beautiful country if you are hunting up on the top. Lee and Tiffany hunted on the UUBAR side.
  14. FoxTrotter

    UU Bar Ranch elk hunt

    Are you hunting the UUBAR side or the CS side? I thought that they moved the all the hunting over to the CS Angel Fire side but I could be wrong.