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  1. Hello. If interested, please see my OfferUp post. $280 for a fellow CWT member. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! https://offerup.com/item/detail/798538625/
  2. bgshooter

    First day velvet success...

    Congrats on the success!!!
  3. bgshooter

    Easy Meals while camping?

    Canned soups and chef boy r d. i remove the label, pop it open, put can in small pot, add water to pot, bring to boil. Keep boiling until food is warm to your liking. I eat out of the can. Use a towel to hold can as it will be hot. Rinse spoon when done. Easy
  4. bgshooter

    Good Guy Seller List

    ---> northAZarcher <--- Great seller. He went out of his way to meet me while we were camping to get me the bow for my son. My son had a blast with with his new-to-him bow.
  5. bgshooter

    Youth Diamond atomic bow

    Thanks and nice to meet you northAZarcher. My kid loves the bow.
  6. bgshooter

    2017 DOVE!!!

    Picked up some shells last night. Swapped the 12 gauge from 18" barrel to 28" and inserted plug. Hearing protection, license and stamp ready to go. Can't wait for opening day.
  7. bgshooter

    2017 DOVE!!!

    Give me your honey hole!!! J/K. I plan to hit my same spot and this time I took the day off. Can't wait.
  8. bgshooter

    Yes or No to the TREE STAND

    All points have already been addressed. Personally I wouldn't use it cause I hate heights and would hate to fall. Plus I don't see a ladder to get up and I wouldn't be carrying around my own ladder when I happened to come across this abandoned stand. I would, however, build a ground blind somewhere near by.
  9. bgshooter

    Good Guy Seller List

    KaibabHunter Another great seller. Easy to deal with and met me at Cabela's for the transaction.
  10. bgshooter

    My son doesn't want to go Elk Hunting!!!

    I'm with the "nudge him to go" crowd...ok, let's not beat around the bush...it's the force him to go crowd. My reasoning is he made a commitment by saying YES before you put in the money for the tag. I wouldn't let my kids back out of a commitment they made whether it's small or big. That's not what I want them learning as they grow up. The other option is I would make my kids work off the $ for the tag by doing chores they normally wouldn't do as payment back for the $ lost. Not as punishment...but as a way to make it right by not sticking to the commitment. Just my 2 cents.
  11. bgshooter

    They are out...

    Yeah, I'm wondering what the BMW and Jetta drivers said about that...if they did say anything.
  12. bgshooter

    Good Guy Seller List

    4huntrs No issues with buying from 4huntrs. We worked together to find a perfect date/time to meet. Buy with confidence.
  13. bgshooter

    Hunter education

    +1 My son and I took the online course in November 2016 and the did field day in January 2017. Everything you need is in the online course. And before you take the test on field day, the instructors will go over everything you need to pass the test. Don't over think it. Read the material, understand what you're reading and have fun with it.
  14. bgshooter

    Badlands Warranty

    Sportsman should have taken off another 10% or something if they didn't point out that the buckle was missing when you bought it. My wife always get additional % off when purchasing damaged goods. At that point, there's a no return policy. Sportsman dropped the ball on this one. I'm sure Badlands will make it right.
  15. bgshooter

    Hunting Blinds

    I enjoyed building a ground blind using whatever's around. Maybe your kid would enjoy building one with you? Just a thought. And it's free