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  1. 100%DIYazCOUES

    SPF---Remington Wingmaster

    Agreed,certainly personal preference.... I use full for dove,mod for quail
  2. 100%DIYazCOUES

    SPF---Remington Wingmaster

    Off topic,but...30" fixed full choke is plenty practical. I think its a great setup for dove...the only problem is sometimes they get hammered too hard if they're close. For example I shot 3 limits in 3 trips last week,50% hit to miss ratio using my 1100 with that setup...sorry,just got compelled to dispute that it was impractical...
  3. We got our limits near Tucson, fun afternoon
  4. 100%DIYazCOUES

    1st time quail season

    I use gators for bird hunting even after snakes are gone,lets me keep my eyes out in front of me more without having to stop to pick cactus out of my shins every dang 15 minutes
  5. 100%DIYazCOUES

    What do Coues deer taste like?

    They taste like delicious,lean red meat and glory
  6. 100%DIYazCOUES

    Carpet targets

    We make ours,get scrap carpet from carpet stores,cut them about 1'x4' and just stack em up.put a board on bottom a board on top,all thread through the 4 corners and crank it down.can make a 4'x4' target in a couple hours,and they last for years.no good for broadheads though....
  7. 100%DIYazCOUES

    "Tri-Tower" hitlist coues

    Wow,monster buck.sweet pics!
  8. 100%DIYazCOUES

    Late Coues 2014

    Sweet buck,I like the funkiness going on with him.shooter any day in my book.congrats!
  9. 100%DIYazCOUES

    Best Mexican Food In Tucson

    El Torero has the best enchiladas I've had in town. Its on south 4th behind a pawn shop,so you know its legit...
  10. 100%DIYazCOUES

    New release for rookie?

    I'm not sure what he's talking about,if you punch any trigger,your accuracy is going to suffer.
  11. 100%DIYazCOUES

    New release for rookie?

    Scott little bitty goose
  12. 100%DIYazCOUES

    Buck all finished up

    What's it cost to have antlers restored like that?
  13. 100%DIYazCOUES

    Wildcats done.

    Maybe they should hire you instead bob. Fact is, a team is going to win every time when they shoot 85% from 3. Wisconsin simply caught fire at the wrong time for us... Think about it,if they shot even 75% from 3 it would've been close at the end. It was crazy!Cats lost to a good team that shot absolutely lights out, period.
  14. 100%DIYazCOUES

    4x4 coues

    Anyways...what'd your 3x3 end up scoring?