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  1. out2hunt

    ISO Unwanted old or freezer burned meat.

    Anyone who is donating meat to Heather or Dale I live in the North Valley cross streets Deer Valley and 35th Ave. and I am willing to take the meat to them for you. If you would like to text me at 480-703-2728, I will gladly meet you or pick up any meat you are willing to share. Thanks for helping my friends out! Ken Meyers
  2. out2hunt

    SCI 5th biggest archery desert mule deer

    Four posts and "what unit"?????? LOL Unit 14c
  3. Much like Coues n Sheep, excellent units with low draw odds lol!
  4. out2hunt

    Good day

    Awesome finds! I know that felt good
  5. out2hunt

    Wednesday hits only

    LOL Just keep stirring LOL
  6. out2hunt

    Late season success for two great kids!

    Four more days before cards start poppin, or so we hope! Praying for opportunities!
  7. out2hunt


    unit 10 southwest of inianola, think Lake ...........
  8. out2hunt

    A Little Piece of Africa

    Turned out awesome! Love your attention to detail Dale and Heather, you guys make a GREAT team!
  9. out2hunt

    I'm in . . .

    23 Late rifle first choice and 5A early archery second choice for me and the wife is in for limited opportunity bull in october 17,18b,19b,20aandc and 3a-4b dry lake cow in August. Son is in for 23 early rifle, 10 early rifle, and 6b early rifle. Good Luck to all!!
  10. That is one of the heaviest gnarliest bucks I have ever seen, Mass for days, blading, hooks, trash with symmetry! Kudos offically Jealous!
  11. out2hunt

    Polaris ranger tires and rims

    Lug pattern and measurements?
  12. out2hunt

    Unit 23 Javelina

    Pigs all over those rolling ridges to the east of the dump!
  13. out2hunt

    Elk & Antelope Draw Odds

    Thanks again Flatlander!
  14. out2hunt

    Elk & Antelope Draw Odds

    66%, 6% 3%, 8% 6%, 15%, 16% Antelope - 2%, 2%, 6% Elk - 16%, 28%, 7%, 10% Ooh, its going o be close. On the rifle hunt I say probably about 10%, and the muzzy hunt is probably a little better, last time the ML hunt was in 27 17 bp did it, but that was two years ago. I think you are going to be close, but if you move West one unit, you have yourself a tag. Its all yours. Book the trip. 41%, 84% take the class Sorry Flatlander, all the hunt choices for OUT2HUNT are 2015 hunt numbers. I think that skewed the numbers???