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  1. SheepDreams

    I decided to get in shape this year

    Nice video. That's my current philosophy. Small changes every week add up to big results in the long run. Keep it up brother!
  2. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    Been away from the forum for quite some time. Not Monday, but here's my story. Made the horrible decision to get into powerlifting about a year ago. Was making some decent strength gains and then decided I needed to gain weight to help my lifting. Long story short, I got up to 250# and my total wasn't getting as impressive as I had hoped. I was talking with my wife about my bucket list, and Barbary sheep in New Mexico is tops on my list. So I applied. Probably won't get drawn, but the OTC option is always a good back-up. Decided last week that I need to ramp up the cardio and dial back on the upper body lifts. Here's the program I am currently on: Sunday- 20 rep squat program (It's ridiculous), triceps, shoulders Monday- Walk/run (Currently doing run for 5 minutes, walk for 10) Tuesday- deadlift (medium weight, medium reps), biceps, core work Wednesday- 45 minute hill workout on the treadmill with a 45# weight vest Thursday- Giant set leg day. 4 exercises with no break for 4 sets. Basically weightlifter cardio Friday- Brisk walk (14-15 minute mile) in the hills Saturday-Rest Haven't weighed in 2 weeks. Also cut way back on the calories and the beer. lol. Hopefully I'll be back where I need to be by fall.
  3. SheepDreams

    New P&Y world record bighorn

  4. SheepDreams

    NM Coues

    Nice bucks. Congrats!
  5. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    The holidays set me back. Finally got back to weigh on Thursday. Only down 1.2 pounds in a 2 month period. May be plateauing. That's 51 down officially, with about 25 more to go until the chart says I'm not overweight. Just in a holding pattern for now. Too cold outside to run, and stuck at work for the next 7 days with no way to do anything exercise-wise except lift. With flu season here, not even sure if I'll be lifting this week. The baby was sick my whole time home and now I have a fever and cough. I guess it's a better thing to be slack and sick this time of year than in September.
  6. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    Haven't weighed in a couple weeks. The elk hunt was awesome and I am officially hooked. Saw over 30 bulls including 5 monsters and over 70 cows in just 3 hours of hunting. Ended up taking a fat calf for the freezer. After the pack out, my helpers were really glad I shot a calf and not a big cow. The conditioning definitely helped. I covered about 6-7 miles in some rough terrain and only saw elk when I got to the middle of my unit. That would have been a whole lot harder if I had tried it 6 months and 50 pounds ago. Now just trying to drop the last 10-15 pounds over the course of the next 9 months to get ready for next elk season. Congrats to everyone on their progress!
  7. SheepDreams

    If you Could Have Just One...

    Changed my mind in the last few days. Thinking of getting a Savage in 30-06 and rebarrelling it to 338-06. A little big for deer, way too much for coyotes, but should be good for medium to large game and overkill for deer isn't a horrible thing. Any thoughts?
  8. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    Between being gone for 7 days at work then laying tile for my folks on days off, I haven't had much time to keep up with the program. Weighed in at 215, that's 49 down. Feeling good, eating good, trying to squeeze in work-outs when I can. 17 days until my Once-In-A-Lifetime elk hunt, and I think I'm ready. Hopefully I'll have a picture to add to my Monday morning check in in a couple weeks.
  9. SheepDreams

    If you Could Have Just One...

    I am in penny-pincher mode right now, so I have been looking at a T/C Venture in either 280 or 300 Win Mag. I have had other rifles in both calibers and liked them both. Wanting it to be light weight, I am leaning more toward the 280. I had a light 300 and it wasn't much fun to shoot. Scope will be a Vortex Viper 3-9X40. I don't know anyone who has a Venture, so I don't know if they are as good as they feel. As far as dream mountain rifle, mine would be a 700 action, .280 AI with a #3 24" bbl.
  10. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    I am at 219.6 The wife says I need to quit losing at this point. I am resisting her evil temptation and still trying for more. Eating clean and healthy still. Haven't worked out as hard for the last 2 weeks and I can tell it. I have 35 days until my elk hunt. I honestly don't care if I lose any more weight, but I still have muscle and cardio work to do.
  11. This question has probably been asked hundreds of times, but here it goes again. I am looking for the best all around rifle. I want something that will handle everything from Coues' deer to elk or maybe even moose. It needs to be light as I hope to someday be able to hunt sheep or high country muleys. Being that it will be light, recoil will be magnified. I never feel the kick when I shoot at an animal, but I like to shoot paper too, and rocks, dirt clods, basically anything that I see to practice. If you were to buy just one all-around rifle, what would it be? Not just caliber, I mean brand, model, barrel length, stock, finish, etc. And what is the budget version of your dream rifle?
  12. SheepDreams

    Daughter's First Deer

    Oklahoma youth deer gun season was last weekend. It was the first time for my 13 year old to get to hunt. After seeing nothing but muley does on opening morning (OK doesn't allow harvesting of MD does with a rifle), we found this buck that evening. After a great stalk, she misses her first shot, but comes through on the second. He only made it about 30 yards. She finished off the weekend by popping an old whitetail doe at 314 yards in the last 10 minutes of season. Here is her buck.
  13. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    My week consisted of walking at the zoo with my 7 year old on her field trip, walking 10 miles with a pack on with my 13 year old, 3 days of hunting with the 13 year old, dragging a 5X5 muley out of a canyon for her, 4 more 1/2 mile stalks till she got her doe on the last night of youth season, and an all-around great week. Weighed in at 222 last Thursday, which is 42 down since July 4th, about 17 more to go to hit my goal.
  14. SheepDreams

    Monday Check in

    I'm a few days late I guess. I am at 224 now, that's 40 down from July 4th. Got about 20 to go. Threw on my pack and walked to the bow shop yesterday, 11.56 miles. Did it in 3 hours, 1 minute. Pretty spent, but when the wife and kids wanted to go out for a walk after church last night, I said why not? Made another 3.19 but at a much slower pace. Feeling better than I have in years and don't want to stop. The wife's vacation ideas have changed from going somewhere to relax and eat to now she's researching hiking trails that we can do as a family. She's down 30 and my 7 year old is down almost 15 since we started this 3 months ago. Hard to believe we had let ourselves go that much, but it's a lesson we don't want to relearn.
  15. SheepDreams

    My Dad's Sheep

    I'm gonna guess 186.