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    Getting my boys into the outdoors. We love deer, elk and Javalina hunting. Great memories and bucket lists.

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  1. Sea 2'er

    Elk draw website down

    Az GF website is a “challenge”. I had to manuever through it 3x for me and 2 sons on top of new lic for each of us. Ugh...
  2. Any interest in separating? 20g?
  3. Sea 2'er

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Are the tag allocations, draw process for the CHAMP hunts the same as regular draw process. Ie, RES / NR allocations?
  4. Sea 2'er

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    How many points to draw that tag?
  5. Sea 2'er

    Remington 870 Express 20 gauge $275.00

    Nice little 410
  6. That's a beautiful rifle. Been on my bucket list for years. GLWS.
  7. Sea 2'er

    Any cc hits today?

    Looks like the portal is updated
  8. What's the barrel length on the 300, rechambered? and where are you located? Bob
  9. Sea 2'er

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    I had a disk removed at L3-4 last year. Went well, but other discs are trashed. Didn't hunt last year due to recovery. Fusion for me only matter time
  10. Sea 2'er

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    Good words of advice.
  11. Sea 2'er

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    Ha! Yeah that would be be different! No airbow, archery only. Looking at same level fusion here, been walking 3-5 miles a day. PT helping only minimal at this point - trying to postpone inevitable until after Fall hunts. Glad to hear it worked out well for you, and good advice. Appreciate it Bob
  12. Sea 2'er

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    Ok so I'm facing a spinal fusion 'soon'. Anyone out there have this done and what limitations - restrictions with elk hunting did you encounter in the years since? Bob.
  13. Sea 2'er

    Camp Navajo

    PM sent
  14. Sea 2'er

    2nd Choice Anterless Elk Draw Question

    Tell me what cow hunt you want and I can get a general idea of the odds of drawing it but as mentioned you would lose your points. As a NR I would say using points on a cow isn't your best bet. You're two years away from that 6a early bull tag might as well wait. Definitely holding on to my points for AZ, want that 6A or 5BS tag.
  15. Sea 2'er

    2nd Choice Anterless Elk Draw Question

    yeah thats what I thought, loose points if drawn. I couldnt find that info in this years regs. Appreciate that.