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    Getting my boys into the outdoors. We love deer, elk and Javalina hunting. Great memories and bucket lists.

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  1. Sea 2'er

    Coatimundi - Chupacabra!!!

    Ok so I’m not crazy after all! just completed my hunter survey and one of the questions was on fur bearers. it asked if I’d seen a Coatimundi. WTF is that? After looking it up online that’s exactly what my son and I saw driving out the I40 through U10. crazy looking little guy! I feel better now!
  2. That might be a pretty tough hunt - I believe there were 225 youth cow tags issued for mid oct., plus all the helpers, that’s a lot of pressure for your early nov hunt. good luck and post up after your hunt sit water or check the canyons on the Bo.
  3. Sea 2'er

    Navajo Army Depot for Elk, Question?

    Good luck PM sent
  4. Sea 2'er

    WTB: White Lab

    Looking to add a new family member and friend for our aging lab. Looking for a young white lab, puppy preferred Bob
  5. Sea 2'er

    First Elk Hunt Unit 10

    That mid November hunt is tough. Seen zero elk on my hunt. Cow or bull. Keep in mind there are several hundred cow tags just prior to the late hunts. Huge pressure.
  6. Sea 2'er

    Colorado Unit 40 Elk Archery Outfitter Inquiry

    Get the Col DOW ‘draw out’ report from their website. You can find units that needed 15 pts and them research from there. I’m sure there are better units with access and decent bulls.
  7. Sea 2'er

    Colorado Unit 40 Elk Archery Outfitter Inquiry

    I may be wrong but I hear most outfitters that hunt 40 are booked a few years in advance. You might double check that before you apply.
  8. Sea 2'er

    late bull elk

    6A would be a great tag to have right now!
  9. Sea 2'er

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    I was in unit 10 on the CHAMP hunt 2 weeks ago. Tough hunt. Hope you have better luck. Stay safe.
  10. Sea 2'er


    That’s a good deal right there.
  11. Sea 2'er

    Unit 10 CHAMP Hunt

    I can hike ‘ok’, limited but can hike. but my son will be doing the heavy lifting for me. Metal in the back... my interest for this hunt is to spot from above and try to get within rifle range; not inerested in using a truck as a primary means.
  12. Sea 2'er

    Unit 10 CHAMP Hunt

    My son will be assisting me on this hunt. Just looking at some quality times together (like his 6A youth cow hunt a few years ago) we’ll get on the Bo for sure and pre-scout.
  13. Sea 2'er

    Unit 10 CHAMP Hunt

    I drew the CHAMP Elk hunt this year for Unit 10 which starts in early November. Was interested in hearing from those that may have hunted there during this time frame. I’ve spoke with several folks that have had the December hunts and it sounded like the bulls are broken up and have been pressured into other units/areas. Considering hunting the Big Bo Ranch as an option as well. Planning a scouting trip for early August PMs welcome Bob
  14. Sea 2'er

    Results are posted!!!

    Hot Dam! Unit 10 rifle elk. Bucket list!!!