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  1. CouesN4Abruisin

    Elk cape...

    I know I thought about it late! My buddy was telling me about them killing a 6x6 and didn’t need the cape so they just left it. I was like man I should have put it out there earlier! Oh well maybe I will get lucky!
  2. CouesN4Abruisin

    Elk cape...

    If any of you change your mind about mounting your elk and would like to get ride of your cape let me know! I’m in the learning process of taxidermy and would love the chance to mount an old elk of mine! For reference on cape size the old bull is somewhere around a 340ish bull 6x6. I’m located in Safford, AZ. Thanks in advance!
  3. CouesN4Abruisin

    Wyoming Adventure

    Great write up! Sounds like Wyoming would be a great adventure in the near future!
  4. CouesN4Abruisin

    Circulating Pic unit 23NM Come on people!!

    Good looking bucks with great eye guards! Congratulations!
  5. CouesN4Abruisin

    ISO: Cape Mule or Coues...

    I am trying to take a taxidermy class and it may be a long shot, but I'm hoping that someone might have a cape for free that they aren't intending to use. I would also be willing to trade for a Euro Mount if you cannot do free, I have done a couple. Thanks!
  6. CouesN4Abruisin

    Ballistics Calculations???

    Thanks for all the positive input that I have received. I tried the applied ballistics site and it was the closest to what I had shot real world. However for my hunt I used my data I had already collected. I went ahead and hunted with the Hornady rounds instead of the Remmington because of the accuracy and shot groups at further distances. I was able to shoot at 400 yards uphill with one shot, this may not be long range to a lot of you fellow hunters/shooters, but that was far for me. I have never shot a deer past 150 yards so I was pumped and looking forward to trying some target practice out to some further distances to test the limits of this rifle! Thanks again!
  7. CouesN4Abruisin

    Ballistics Calculations???

    Some more of what I did... I took about ten shots and averaged them to get the velocity and the range, I use my actual range finder to determine distance. I shoot at the range and also real world scenarios in the desert to try to get the best out of my shooting abilities. I do realize that the ranges on the box and velocities are not going to match my rifle. So I've done what I can to get as pin point as possible with what I know so far. I appreciate all the positive feedback everyone has provided and will definitely look into these apps!!
  8. CouesN4Abruisin

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I'm new to the dialing shooting, but I have a pretty good setup. I am shooting a Christensen Arms Mesa Bronze in 6.5 Creedmoor and for the Optic I am using a Leupold VX3i 8.5x25x50mm LRP in 1/4 in MOA Sight Height 1.88 inches, barrel is 1/8 twist and 22 inch with muzzle break. I zeroed my scope with some factory ammo at 100 yards. The rounds I used were Remington Core-Lokt 140 grain box says BC 0.410 Velocity 2700. I plugged that data into Hornady Ballistic Calculator and got something totally different than what I'm having to adjust. I then picked up some factory Hornady BTHP 140 grain box says BC 0.580 Velocity 2690. I plugged that data into Hornady Ballistic Calculator and got something totally different than what I'm having to adjust. So I picked up a Chronograph and shot through it to see if Velocities were off. Core-Lokt's average was like 2740 but they bounced from like 2800's to low 2600's. Hornady's average was like 2650 but they stayed between 2700's to 2600's. Anyway plugged in what I got still it wasn't what I'm shooting. So here is my data (actual rounds going down range to produce this) ... Remington Core-Lokt 140 grain Hornady BTHP 140 grain Distance MOA Windage Distance MOA Windage 100 Zero 0 100 Zero 0 200 3 in 0 200 1.5 in 0 300 6.5 in 0 300 5 in 0 400 9.5 1R 400 8 in 1R 500 13 3.5R 500 11.5 3.5R Hornady Calculator Data below (a few on paper and a few misses) ... Remington Core-Lokt 140 grain Hornady BTHP 140 grain Distance MOA Windage Distance MOA Windage 100 Zero 0 100 Zero 0 200 1.7 in 0 200 1.8 in 0 300 4.4in 0 300 4.4 in 0 400 7.5 1R 400 7.4 in 1R 500 11.2 3.5R 500 10.7 3.5R So my question is am I doing something wrong? I am new to all of this and I know that everyone says that reloading is the way to go, but this is what I have for right now. So any insight on if I'm missing something on the Ballistics Calculator or at the range? Thanks
  9. CouesN4Abruisin

    First Archery Coues deer

    JC150 I couldn’t figure out how to message this to you. The similarities were just to close that’s why I had to ask! Thanks.
  10. CouesN4Abruisin

    First Archery Coues deer

    Message me or not does not matter I planned on sending him a picture of my buck to verify I was truthful! But thanks for chiming in on a question directed towards him and not you. Thanks.
  11. CouesN4Abruisin

    First Archery Coues deer

    Beautiful buck, if you don’t mind would you message me what unit did you kill this buck in? I shot one similar to him 2 years ago!
  12. CouesN4Abruisin

    Unit 27 Rocky Mountain Bighorn

    Man that's an incredible ram and story!
  13. CouesN4Abruisin

    First archery buck!

    I would enjoy hearing more of the story if you wouldn't mind sharing.
  14. CouesN4Abruisin

    Buck of a lifetime!!

    I would appreciate hearing the story on this amazing buck!
  15. CouesN4Abruisin

    ISO vortex vultures 15x56

    I have a pair if your still looking