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  1. J.S.R.

    Elite Impulse 34

    Selling my kuiu verde Elite impulse 34. Bow is 70lbs 29”. Bow is in good condition but could use new strings. Will come with 3 pin black gold slider, elite qad hdx and 12” Stokerized revolver stabilizer.
  2. J.S.R.

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

  3. J.S.R.

    New Mexico unit 16D Archery Bull Sept 15-24th

    Awesome unit and hunt! I’ll be helping a friend who was lucky enough to draw the same tag.
  4. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

  5. J.S.R.

    Sitka stuff

    Lightweight hoody and Core long sleeve are sold. Mountain jacket and ascent shirt still up for grabs. $175 for the mountain jacket and $100 for the Ascent shirt
  6. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

  7. J.S.R.


    What grain v max and how much?
  8. J.S.R.

    Sitka stuff

    I have the following sitka items for sale. All are size large, in sub alpine, and like new or not worn. Mountain Jacket: $200 Core Lightweight Hoody: $75 Ascent Shirt: $125 Core Lightweight Crew Long-sleeve: $45
  9. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

    Price drop $7000
  10. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

  11. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

  12. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

    Tbh I don’t really want to sell it but it’s not completely up to me. I’ll be shooting a different companies rifles and need to make room for them. No trades.
  13. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

    Yes the rifle is built around the 195 and is running 3030 over retumbo. The load is mild and could be pushed hotter but the accuracy node around 3030 was money
  14. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

    For those curious I never shot a group out of the rifle. The es of the rifle was 4fps. If you are interested in the gun I am more than happy to send you some videos of the rifle being shot at multiple distances out to 1300 yards.
  15. J.S.R.

    Custom 28 nosler

    I built this gun exactly how I wanted with no corners cut. The rifle was built by WAR rifles out of Virginia. Defiance ga hunter action, Gunwerks magnums carbon stock, gunwerks bottom metal, triggertech special trigger, 26” proof barrel, apa lil bastard brake, nightforce nxs 5.5-22x56 with nightforce rings and top half bubble level. Load development and drop data verified out to 1300 yards. Gun will come with 50 rounds of ammo and a nice cut out hard case. Gun has less than 50 rounds down the tube. Price drop, $6000