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  1. Ride now sucks.  I was ready to buy a utv.  Wasn’t sure about a turbo.  Wanted to test drive to compare it to non Turbo.   Asshole manager didn’t want to step out and facilitate it.   

    they’re only good for their showroom.  Once you decide on a model go buy it in rye and save a few thousand.  

  2. 26 minutes ago, stanley said:

    That is a great looking car!  I've always been partial towards the Italian and German brands.   Have looked at the Ghibli’s, and really like them!  Can't bring myself to get rid of my little ol' two seater (911) to make room, though.  (One of the disadvantages of living in an older neighborhood.  No BIG 3+ car garage! lol)

    Market looks solid and it's a fair price.  I imagine you'll get a taker soon. ;) 

    Thank you for the well wishes.  Happy Easter.  

  3. They depreciate pretty hard from new price.  I believe my neighbor the first owner paid $85k or so.    From here on out it’s a pretty stable bet.    The car looks and drives way more expensive than the asking price. That’s why I bought it in the first place.  

  4. 2 hours ago, AZLance said:

    Flipping the trees with Googan Bandito Bug today , all fatties in about 6-7ft of water




    thinking about heading to rosey tomorrow.  did you get a lot of numbers?   Did you fish the salt or Tonto end?

  5. just use full metal jackets and schwackers or rage and you're golden.   the key from my experience is using a broached that'll open the animal up for a good blood trail. I went with the fixed broad heads for elk because they are so tough idea but I quickly learned even with a great shot sometimes you get shitty blood and it makes it very hard tracking.  

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  6. you can set up a CBRS access point which will connect the camera via your own pLTE network.   the distance and coverage will be significantly greater than wi fi.  you still need power for the camera.  probably cost you $2k all in for the network plus whatever you were going to pay for the camera.  One time fee...no mobile operator involved.  you can use publicly available spectrum


    I setup a private LTE network in my house using CBRS spectrum and am running my iPad Pro on it (just for testing...I'm in the business)....but I can get a signal way down the street on my iPad whereas with wi fi it starts cutting our on the front sidewalk

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