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  1. Azbronco96

    Revolver for sale

  2. Azbronco96

    Revolver for sale

    Interested in a Bushmaster Carbon Light with Elftman trigger and 3 magazines, hard case and a fair bit of ammunition?
  3. Azbronco96

    1994 Jeep yj....HUNTING RIG

    I’m interested in the jeep Call or text me if it’s still available 602-291-8852
  4. Azbronco96

    1994 Jeep yj....HUNTING RIG

    Does it have any rust?
  5. Azbronco96


    I have a couple things I could live without if you have any interest A nearly new Champion 9000 watt generator Very low hours-remote start Bushmaster AR-15 with extras- case-trigger-scope-ammo
  6. Azbronco96

    Vortex Ranger 1000

    Does it have the HCD feature?
  7. Azbronco96

    Clearing some of the safe out

    Can you send me some pics and description of the BB 30-30?
  8. Azbronco96

    WTB AR

    I have a Bushmaster Carbon 15-Elftman trigger-Nikon scope- case and fair bit of ammo It was an impulse purchase and I am a lever action guy so I don't use it much. Willing to sell it- or trade it
  9. Azbronco96

    Shot lion-need help tracking

    How do I post pics? -I have them on my phone and can email them, but can't seem to attach them to the post.
  10. Azbronco96

    Shot lion-need help tracking

    Ok- so we finally got the lion out of the bottom of a pretty steep canyon. I left work Wed @1 pm and headed up the hill to help. Meanwhile my buddy finally got to the lion at the bottom of Naegelin canyon Wed afternoon and gutted it. However even with help from another friend they couldn't get it out of there. Once they got back to the truck- flat tire. Changed the tire- drove back out and we met after dark at the campground but it was too late to do anything else that day. We went and got a room for the night. Thursday morning he went to Show Low to replace the tire- bought some ropes and a pulley block and headed back to the canyon. Two of us took a Teflon plastic sheet and made our way down to the lion. It hadn't been eaten on and since it was cold the meat smelled good. So we strapped the lion in the sheet like a burrito and started out of the canyon with it. We tied a rope to the lion burrito we just made and tied the pulley block to a tree 80 ft or so up the hilland pulled it straight up the hill. Reset the pulley and did it again. 16 times to get that lion out. I figured it was about 1300 ft vertical to get that lion to the top and then another 1/8 mile to the truck. By the time he got it skinned out and to the taxidermist it was about 9 pm. Toughest retrieval I have ever been on by far. No way- no how was it not coming out of there though. I am not the best at posting pics- though I'm told I'm a pretty fair pack mule. 😎 Pics as soon as I can.
  11. Azbronco96

    Shot lion-need help tracking

    Will post pics soon Wild couple days- cat is in the truck
  12. Azbronco96

    Shot lion-need help tracking

    Thanks for the offer- I believe he found someone with dogs to help him this morning
  13. Azbronco96

    Shot lion-need help tracking

    I'm posting for a friend that shot a big cat He is in Colcord campground off the Young Rd He tracked it till dark-worried he might not find it and was wondering if anyone in the area has dogs that might be willing to help him Contact info 520-450-0184 Text or call Any help would be so appreciated
  14. Azbronco96

    2 tripod stands

    PM sent
  15. Azbronco96

    Bushmaster Carbon 15

    I will add pics when I get a chance