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  1. Azbronco96

    Guns to TRADE -UPDATED-

    Very interested in the SR1911 cash or trade or any combination I have AR 15 Bushmaster w 500 rounds SS Blackhawk 45 Colt Convertible
  2. Azbronco96

    Can Am Defender 2021 brand new tires and wheels

    I’m interested-pm inbound
  3. Azbronco96

    Free tires

    LT 225 75 R 16 LRE Grantland Milestar tires with 90% tread 2614 DOT code Nothing wrong with them-just need them gone- Casa Grande-
  4. Azbronco96

    Bushmaster Carbon 15

    AR-15 with roughly 500 rounds of ammunition included I will send pics and detailed information if you’re interested PM for details
  5. Azbronco96

    308 MX Ammo WTT

  6. Azbronco96

    Winchester .243 100 gr ammo

    I’ll take it PM incoming
  7. Azbronco96

    Hornady Leverevolution .357 ammo

    I’ll take it
  8. Azbronco96


    PM sent
  9. Azbronco96


    Are you interested in a trade for SS Ruger NM Blackhawk Convertible -45 Colt and 45ACP cylinders with original box
  10. Azbronco96

    308 MX Ammo WTT

    Casa Grande
  11. Azbronco96

    308 MX Ammo WTT

    I have 52 rounds of Hornady factory 308 MX as well as some once fired brass Trade straight across for 50 rounds any of the following: 45 ACP 45 Colt 6.5 Creedmoor
  12. Azbronco96

    Brass, bullets, and dies

    Is the Lee 45 ACP dies a carbide die set?
  13. Azbronco96


    Road trip for me-Does it have a 22LR cylinder also?
  14. Azbronco96

    Rossi 20ga /22LR

    Thanks Big Tub
  15. Azbronco96

    Rossi 20ga /22LR

    I didn’t get a pm if you were referring to me Looks like I missed the boat, thanks anyway.