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  1. Azbronco96

    Canvas wall tent

    PM sent
  2. Azbronco96

    FS: Cabelas Heavy Duty Aluminum Gun Case

    Will this hold 2 rifles or shotguns?
  3. Azbronco96

    FS - Ruger SR 1911 - SOLD

    PM replied to
  4. Azbronco96

    FS - Ruger SR 1911 - SOLD

    If no one else follows through- I’ll take it.
  5. send info on 6.5 creedmor...both please


  6. Azbronco96

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    Guys This is my fault it’s taking so long to respond. I apologize for that. i’ve had so many responses I had to cut it off at 5 PM today. I’ve listed all of the names for the specific gun in the order I received them, and about half of the guns are already spoken for. I’ll call it SPF once I talk to those individuals. The rest of them I will be reaching out to you individually by PM to let you know your first up. Deals that fall through with the first guy I’ll reach out to number 2-3-4 in order. I would file a grievance if I had to work this hard at my day job 😁 Thanks for your patience guys
  7. Azbronco96

    Reloading equipment

    I would prefer to sell this as a lot if possible I may be interested in separating items at a later date
  8. Azbronco96

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    My phone has blown up with messages and I will do my best to answer all PMs in the order received I type slowly so it might take a bit
  9. Azbronco96

    Reloading equipment

    Reloading bench with equipment-brass- bullets-powder Private message only
  10. I have about 15 guns that I’m gonna be selling- mostly single actions and lever actions with a few others in the mix. Nothing is a safe queen or pristine collectibles-I carried and shot them all. Handling marks etc-but no junk Ammo available for sale also with the guns-won’t separate just yet Private message only-no group response Legal documented sale only-FFL transfer at LGS Marlin 39A. Henry 22mag Ruger Single Six SS 4-5/8 barrel both cylinders Henry Long Ranger 6.5 Creedmoor Winchester 94 Trapper 357 Rossi 92 45 colt Trapper Freedom Arms 454 Casull Premier 5-1/2 Ruger Blackhawk Convertible SS 7-1/2 45 colt 45-acp Ruger Blackhawk SS 4-5/8 357 Bushmaster Carbon 15 w mags and case Ruger American Predator 6.5 Creed Remington 1100 12 ga 2-3/4 two barrels Thompson Center ML Impact 50 cal RIA 1911 45 acp Ruger SP101 357 short barrel
  11. Azbronco96

    Guns to TRADE -UPDATED-

    Very interested in the SR1911 cash or trade or any combination I have AR 15 Bushmaster w 500 rounds SS Blackhawk 45 Colt Convertible
  12. Azbronco96

    Can Am Defender 2021 brand new tires and wheels

    I’m interested-pm inbound
  13. Azbronco96

    Free tires

    LT 225 75 R 16 LRE Grantland Milestar tires with 90% tread 2614 DOT code Nothing wrong with them-just need them gone- Casa Grande-