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  1. Analogkid1014

    In case you missed it :)

  2. Analogkid1014

    White Mountain Lakes

    Honestly early October leaves you quite a few options, Depending on the conditions at Crescent Lake it could be good fishing for Brook trout, really depends on the weeds. Reservation Lake, Big Lake and Hawley Lake will be good and should have a problem landing some better quality fish. If it was me i would fish Reservation Lake and maybe run over to Big Lake and Crescent for a day
  3. Analogkid1014

    White Mountain Lakes

    Got home last night from a few days at reservation lake. trip was cut a little short due to a vehicle fire but still had a good trip. Pretty sure the guys at the Hon Dah outdoor store are full of S%$t about Sunrise lake. fished it for a half a day and we never got a nibble, I know the lake well and always seem to do well but with it being so low last year that they did not stock it, and all the snow on the ice this year, there had to be a fish kill. We talked to fa few others that had been there for a couple days and they too never had a bite. Fishing at Reservation was good. Caught lots of browns in the 14-18" range and several fat holdover rainbows. The lakes are full and spilling with exception to Sunrise Lake. I will definitely be planning a trip for this fall
  4. Analogkid1014

    White Mountain Lakes

    Any fishing reports from the white mountains?I am leaving Wednesday to head for Reservation lake. Plan to Fish Sunrise, Big lake, and a couple other perhaps depending on how the fishing is. I will post a report when I get back
  5. Analogkid1014

    Sunrise Lake

    Does anyone know if you can launch a boat at sunrise lake and if the lake made it through the winter without a kill? How much has the lake come up with all the snow fall?I am Heading up there first of May to fish a few lakes and hoping to catch some big hold over rainbows for the smoker. last few years been super low and tough to launch a boat. T
  6. Analogkid1014

    John McCain

    Real Classy remark.......he was a good man and even if i did not agree with all his principles and policy I still admired him for his courage and all the good things he had done for this country. I use to consider myself a republican, still vote that way but I am tired of all the name calling and petty behavior, nothing gets done. Now I just hear both sides blame each other and point fingers.
  7. Analogkid1014

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Wow that is a heck of a buck....I hope one like that makes a mistake and walks past me in a few weeks on the archery hunt up there
  8. Analogkid1014

    Kaibab Archery

    I will be up there hunting for 12 days with our group of guys, roads are in great shape. last time i was there cell signal was pretty sparse, had to go to lookout tower by Jacob lake to call out, not sure it has changed since i was last up there a few years ago. There are 500 tags which seems like a lot but it will not be that bad. There are deer basically everywhere you look, the burn is a good area to focus and if it dries up water will be an effective tactic. I mostly get away from the road and spot and stalk or sit on trails and water, just depends on the conditions. If you have a week to hunt you should have a good chance at finding a good deer to stalk.
  9. Analogkid1014

    Hitting Cards

    Going to Kaibab for archery, cant wait. Also pumped my dad drew 3a/3c rifle hunt so back to 3c again for another hunt. Going to be a good year
  10. Analogkid1014

    Low life Camera thiefs

    never said you were born at night nor did i try to imply that....Just merely commenting on your post and adding my two cents, sucks to lose cameras. Thanks for the sarcastic response
  11. Analogkid1014

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Sucks you lost your cameras, but that is the chance you take when you leave them out in the woods for any period of time. Within our group of hunters we have learned to not hang cameras on water or salt for the most part, especially any water or salt that is easily accessible. We have had some stolen and it sucks, but we also know it is possible that it will happen and do not invest in overly expensive cameras. There is not much recourse if they are taken, it is what it is. Hope you find them
  12. Analogkid1014

    White Mountain Trout Fishing

    Rez has better fishing
  13. Analogkid1014

    Draw regs

    Okay, Ill check it out. Thanks
  14. Analogkid1014

    Draw regs

    What website do you guys think is the best an most accurate when it comes to draw odds. I have 10pts and will be putting in for archery bull in 1 and 3a/3c. Just curious who you guys use
  15. Analogkid1014

    Any Sign of Rut Activity for Archery Hunt in Southern Az?

    Saw some rutting activity this past weekend will be headed up next week to chase some deer. Area I'm in is further north than 29 though. they should really get going soon I would think