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  1. I'll take the tailgate.
  2. 77man

    Eberlestock H3 Sawed-Off Pack

    I'll take it
  3. 77man

    Leica Ultravid HD 10x42

    I'll take them.
  4. 77man

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    24 points got me 23 south early rifle.
  5. 77man

    2015 Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    I'll take it
  6. 77man

    Reloading stuff

  7. 77man

    Reloading stuff

    I'll take the Redding scale
  8. 77man

    WTB 6.5 140 Hybrids/JLK

    how many are you looking for? I have some 140 jlks.
  9. Specs Built by The Man Himself George Gardner 9/15/14 GA Precision Templar Action made by Defience. Bartlein #3 1-8.7 Twist Fluted 24 inch barrel.120 freebore McMillan Edge stock OD green with black and coyate specks. Pillar bedded black cerakote Ga Precision Bdl bottom metal feeds flawlessly. Remington tuned trigger. Has exactly 50 rounds of copper creek ammo through it. Leupold 30 mm rings. Has safe rash on barrel. shot dime size groups with the 140 vlds. $ 3000.00 CASH no trades weighs 8lbs without scope call 602-809-1381 Jarom
  10. Lance do you just neck down your brass? or is there other steps involved like trimming or turning the necks. My next built will either be The 6 creedmoor or the Dasher.
  11. 77man

    300 win mag

    24 inch barrel scope came from Vortex its a crossfire not diamandback.
  12. 77man

    300 win mag

    I would need to ask my brother.
  13. 77man

    300 win mag

    Selling for my Brother like new Browning x bolt Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 300 win mag. 24 inch barrel With detach Mag fired 7 times to sight scope comes with a vortex 6x24x50 Crossfire scope with capped turrets. $800 cash no trades
  14. 77man


  15. I agree with Big or Bust. Total waste of time. Run patch threw gun and shoot it. I have done it this way on the last 8 or 9 rifles and they all shot 1/2 MOA or less most 1/4. heck my 260 Southern Xpress Build with a Wilson 1-8 twist shoots 1/4 inch. 20 years ago I was anal about breaking in a barrel all I was doing was wasting my time. I have bean fortunate to have a rifle built buy some of the tops smiths in the country and I asked them about there break in procedure. Answer just shoot the dang thing. Most of them told me the reason they give a break in procedure with the rifle is so that people like me won't call them all day asking them how to break in a barrel.Its work great for me the last 20 plus years.