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  1. Glass En

    Matthews Vertix For Sale

    What are the specs of this bow? Current pound amd draw length? Cost?
  2. What does it weigh and how many rounds down the barrel?
  3. Glass En

    My 13A Muley

  4. I have been scouting in through out sunflower saw some mule deer, Roosevelt coues doe’s, and in rye, doe’s as well. I don’t have a tag but I am helping a PHX Firefighter and his 14 year old son out for their Oct 25th first hunt, I would love to help harvest buck for them. Just going to keep grinding on the scouting to get it done. I’ll keep you posted what I see this weekend and next. Good Luck
  5. Glass En

    Unit 9 bull archery hunt

    congrats, wicked bull
  6. Glass En


    Great Bow, Great Price, love mine, good luck with the sale.
  7. Glass En

    CC Hit

    Just Spoke to Game and Fish rep, she said they hoping to wrap of the draw by Friday and post next week. Good Luck everyone
  8. Glass En

    Swaro Laserguide Rangefinder

    What’s the power and range?
  9. Glass En

    Swaro 15’s HD - $1850

    Man, awesome price!
  10. Glass En


    Great range finder have one myself, good luck on the sale.
  11. Dang that’s a dandy buck right there, Congrats
  12. Glass En

    Tagged my first coues

    Awesome... I remember my first!!!
  13. Glass En

    My 2018 Coues

    Very nice buck, great job
  14. SO???? Rebel76 any details???