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  1. darrcolburn

    I need a new ac installed.

    Dave Martin with High Country Comfort. He is always competitive with pricing and provides great service. (602) 397-3600
  2. PM sent on scope

  3. Selling a this 6.5 Creedmoor with scope for a friend. Here are the details. Remington 700 new action, Manners EH3 stock, Shilen #2 barrel 1-8 twist, trigger tech trigger, Leupold VX6HD 4-24x52 34mm tube CDS-ZL2 Illuminated T MOA reticle, Talley ring/base. Rifle was built by Ron Nichols out of Holbrook, AZ and has around 150 rounds through it. Shoots the factory Hornady 147 ELDM good along with the other loads posted. Not shot much but carried on a few backpack hunts and there is a couple of wear marks on the stock but its just the finish. Rifle as pictured weights about 8lbs on the bathroom scale. $3,000.00 Text me if you have any questions and I will try and get them answered for you (602) 284-1722
  4. darrcolburn

    SOLD Please Delete

    Interested. I will be coming through Tucson Thursday afternoon/early evening. Send me a text 602 two eight four 1722 Thank you
  5. darrcolburn

    SOLD Please Delete

    Where are you located? Do you have the other 13 empty cases to go with the 37 loaded rounds?
  6. darrcolburn

    26 Nosler

  7. darrcolburn

    Great Tuna or Yellowtail reel.

    It was nice meeting you!
  8. darrcolburn

    Great Tuna or Yellowtail reel.

    Pm sent
  9. darrcolburn

    26 Nosler

    I have another build that is almost done and I have another 6.5 already.
  10. darrcolburn

    26 Nosler

    Back up and reduced to $1400
  11. darrcolburn

    ISO LH bow

    Pm sent
  12. darrcolburn

    Goulds -unit 33 south

    Send me a message my son had this tag two years ago.
  13. darrcolburn

    26 Nosler

    Price reduced $1400
  14. darrcolburn

    SOLD...New Tundra all weather floor mats

    I will take them if they fit a 2012. Send me a message 602-284-1722
  15. darrcolburn

    Any Boat Mechanics?

    Another vote for Ken