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  1. darrcolburn

    26 nosler

    I tried most bullets out of my 26 Nosler and could not find anything that would shoot consistently until I ordered some 124 grain Hammer Hunters. They are expensive but man do they shoot good!
  2. darrcolburn

    ISO left hand compound bow

    Pm sent
  3. darrcolburn

    hydro dipper guy in PHX

    Get a hold of Applied Hydrographics in Peoria. Great guy and does great work. Quick turn around time. He did a bow for me that turned out really good. He has also done a couple of stocks for my friends.
  4. darrcolburn

    WTS Toyota FJ Cruiser Suspension Kit

  5. darrcolburn

    Iso a left handed compound bow

    I have a left handed Bear listed on here.
  6. darrcolburn

    Youth Hoyt Bows, LH Bear Bow, VAP Arrows, Pack

    Still have the Bear and I believe it’s adjustable from 26-30”but not 100% sure.
  7. darrcolburn

    Youth Hoyt Bows, LH Bear Bow, VAP Arrows, Pack

    Both youth bows are sold. Let’s make a deal for the LH Bear. Send me a message.
  8. 1. Hoyt Ruckus Youth Bow with Whisker Biscuit rest and sight used but in great shape $100-SOLD 2. Brand New Hoyt Ruckus Package never shot $175-SOLD 3. Left Hand Bear Charge Bow with Whisker Biscuit rest and sight. Shot a little bit but in great shape. Bought for my dad but he only shot it a few times. 50-60# and I believe adjustable from 26-30” currently set at 27” I think. $125 4. Cabelas Bow/Rifle Pack with Hydration System $75 New with tags. 5. 6 VAP TKO .166 diameter arrows new in box uncut $75 6. 6 VAP TKO .245 diameter arrows new in box uncut $75 Can meet at Sportsman’s Warehouse I-17 and Yorkshire. 602-284-1722
  9. darrcolburn

    Swarovski EL Range 10x42 Sold Delete

    I will take them pending inspection. Please text me your info so I can call you and arrange a time to meet. Thank you Darr Colburn 602-284-1722
  10. darrcolburn

    Rem 700 ADL 280AI

    PM Sent
  11. I have a few thoughts on this and will try and keep it brief but there is a lot to say. I personally have not come to a conclusion and want to gather more info and facts and am willing to listen. I am troubled reading all the pages by some of the hate, harsh comments and personal attacks. That will not accomplish anything and create a bigger divide between Sportsmen at a time when we must work together. There has been lots of work going on behind the scenes by groups and individuals to fight HSUS. Almost a quarter of a million dollars was spent in the fight and the following groups contributed financially to pay the bill for Arizona Sportsmen. Please thank the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, AZ Elk Society, AZ Deer Association, Arizona Bowhunters Association, AZ Houndsmen, Wild Sheep Foundation, Washington Chapter of Wild Sheep Foundation, California Houndsmen, AZ Antelope Foundation, Yuma Valley Rod & Gun Club and NWTF AZ Chapter. I can't imagine what we would be looking at if these groups didn't step up. I attend 3 to 4 wildlife/sportsmen group meetings per month. The sportsmen listed on Board of Directors for Conserve and Protect have worked tirelessly for wildlife, conservation and AZ Sportsmen for years. Part of the reason some of the names are familiar is due to the volunteer pool for sportsmen being very small. There are just a handful of people that carry the load for these organizations and step up year after year because no one else comes forward. I see the same faces year in and year out volunteering for these organizations. I wish there were new Sportsmen coming to the meetings and stepping up but that is just not the case. It is easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize then it is to roll up your sleeves and get involved. We all have jobs, families and other commitments but a few make sportsmen and wildlife a priority. I may not agree with every single thing the members of the board has ever done but I know their hearts are in the right place and I have a lot of respect for the total work that they have accomplished for AZ wildlife and Sportsmen. I believe Conserve and Protect is willing to listen to ideas and suggestions to get us where we need to be. AZ Sportsmen need money to ensure the Arizona Game and Fish Department keeps the ability to manage our wildlife and we can continue to be able to hunt. No one can say for certain if HSUS will be back in 2020 or anytime soon. I can promise if and when they do it will not end as quickly as this time and it will cost a lot more money to fight. If we as Sportsmen in Arizona are fractured and don't have reliable funding mechanisms in place I promise they will be back. If we are prepared and organized I feel they make take the fight somewhere else. Once something gets passed by a ballot initiative it is very difficult to reverse. We cannot afford to let that happen again. Sportsmen make up a small portion of the population. We need to educate the non hunting public why hunting is a valuable wildlife management tool that needs to be scientifically managed by our Game and Fish Department and not by ballot initiatives. Other funding sources need to be identified so that we can raise money that can be used for other things that the proposed tag funds could not be used for. I would like to see some hard numbers on how many tags would be needed, what hunts and how many dollars each would generate. I would much prefer to see raffle tags over auction type tags. When I hear the money from the tags will go towards education it makes me question why the department has not been doing more of this. I know they started a few years back with an add campaign but I can't remember how much they spent on it. I know I would rather lose a few tags if it ensured the future generations would get to enjoy what we do. I believe something needs to be done and lots more discussion needs to take place.
  12. darrcolburn

    Free to good home 2 male pups

    PM sent
  13. I have a 2017 Hoyt Carbon Defiant Left Hand 55-65lb 25-27" draw up for sale. This bow is like new and shot very little. $850 with the Ripcord Ace rest $800 without the rest. I have the box, hat and all original paperwork that came with it. Darr (602)284-1722
  14. darrcolburn

    Rifles for Sale

    Rifle and Scope SPF