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  1. azfiredude

    24B whitetail

    Yes this was a Dec. tag and thanks for the scores
  2. Here are a couple of pic's of a buck I got opening weekend in 24B, I was hoping I could get some guesses as to what it would score? I am thinking mid to high 70's. The light spots on the antlers are for some bleach I used to disinfect the skull cap.
  3. azfiredude

    Unit 24B Dec. hunt

    Thanks for the info , there were three of us that put in and two of us had 4 B.P. and the other had 1.
  4. Hey al I drew a unit 24B tag for the Dec. hunt and I would like some info on where to start scouting in the unit? not looking for anyone to give up a honeyhole just never hunted that unit before, my buddy wanted to put in for the tag as it was close and I didn't thing we would get drawn, well guess what!
  5. azfiredude

    Unit 23 Elk

    HuntinAZ, its been a couple of years but I have gotten in to some nice bulls on the naglin rim just north of the air strip.
  6. azfiredude

    November hunters in 36 units

    younghunter, Me and my two sons and buddy will try to make it and meet some of you.
  7. azfiredude

    Birthday Girl

    Amanda, Happy Birthday.
  8. azfiredude

    scounting in 36b?

    younghunter, what did you see down there? and where were you?
  9. azfiredude

    Going again

    younghunter, let me know what it looks like down there I have a Nov. tag and haven't had a chance to get down yet. good luck and have fun.
  10. azfiredude

    Family Strengths

    No, Thats not me but I know him.
  11. azfiredude

    Family Strengths

    Well I am new to this but I have really enjoyed the discussion forum so far. I am a firefighter with Mesa Fire Dept have 23 yrs. on the job married for 28 yrs have 8 children and 1 grandchild. I also am a block mason. I love to hunt and enjoy the outdoors looking to nail my first coues buck.
  12. azfiredude


    Hey out2 I have a Nov. tag with my two sons and haven't had a chance to get down there, Have a Utah hunt in Oct. may get down between them. What does it look like? and did you see a good bucks?
  13. azfiredude

    Hunters Who Care

    peck1, I have a Nov. tag in 36b let me know how it goes.
  14. azfiredude

    Rifle for sale

    larrycampbell6564@msn.comI have a Savage model 110 in 30-06 with a Bushnell banner 3x-9x scope for sale $250.00. A few scraches on stock. I have run out of room in the gun safe and have three other .06's so this one needs to go. Good starter for someone or a backup. I will post pics as soon as I find my cables! If interested you can PM me. I didn't have any luck downloading the pics on this site so E-mail me and I will send them to you.