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  1. Roboz

    2020 Javelina

    Congrat, sounds like a great hunt!
  2. Roboz


    Yes they are this is my 4th hunt for them going 3 out of 4, i have shot one using a call and as much fun as that was i still prefer spot and stalk.
  3. Roboz


    We didn't see very many, this group was all we saw in 3 days.
  4. Roboz

    Number 17

    Very cool story..congratulations on a great hunt!
  5. Roboz


    Thats awesome jim, my birthday was Friday so i was hoping to get a birthday pig but i had to wait until Saturday.
  6. Roboz


    Met my son Thursday morning around 10 to start our Javelina hunt, my 4th hunt for them and his first time. We set up camp and managed to squeeze in an afternoon glassing session but didn't turn anything up. Friday we spent the whole day glassing and moving locations from higher to lower elevations, finally turning a few up late in the afternoon within stocking distance, we got in front of where we thought they were headed and sure enough 3 of them come by us at 35 yards, i range it for my son and tell him to take him if he can he draws back and releases missing to the left, they take off but not in a big hurry so we watch them move off into a different valley as the sun is starting to set. We decide to leave them alone and go back in the morning to see if they are out feeding in the sunshine, sure enough Saturday morning i glass up not 3 but 9 of them out feeding, we make a plan to get on the ridge above them and drop over the top. It worked perfectly as the wind was in our favor and they had no idea we were there, the first one comes walking by and my son puts an arrow through it at probably 16-18 yards, i sneak about 20 yards farther down the hill and peek over to see the rest of the herd standing at 20-30 yards, i pick out one broadside at 22 yards and put an arrow through both shoulders. We found my son's right away but could not find my arrow or any blood, after about a 30 minute search my son yells out "i know why we cant find your arrow....its still stuck in him" he was laying probably 10 feet from my sons javelina in the brush. It was an awesome hunt and no one i would rather do it with than my son. Thanks jim for giving me a few places to try, although we didn't make it to any of his recommended spots its nice to know people are willing to help others out.
  7. Roboz

    2020 pigs

    Awesome...love time spent afield with my son. We tagged out also this last weekend, i will have to get some pictures up.
  8. Roboz

    18B Javelina and camping

    Jim, just wanted to see if you got my message? i dont show me sending anything to you on my message board but it said sent 🤷‍♂️
  9. Roboz

    So who’s air frying?

    We love ours we are on our second one after the first one died, we cook almost everything in there that i don't throw on my smoker.
  10. Roboz

    18B Javelina and camping

    Thanks jim that is super nice of you. i will pm you my number for the on x.
  11. Roboz

    Anyone in 24B

    I have a few spots that i have seen them in the past if you haven't tagged out yet.
  12. Roboz

    18B Javelina and camping

    Pretty excited for this week. I'm taking my son who is 25 on his first javelina hunt starting Thursday. We finally managed to get a few days off together so i cant wait to see him as i live in St George, UT and he lives in Phoenix and works as a park ranger so he doesn't get much time off on the weekends. I have hunted them several times in 24B and 23 but never 18B so it should be interesting learning a new area, couple of questions for you 18B guys, we are thinking of setting up camp off of the burro creek crossing / signal road. Are there a fair amount of spots to set up camp or are we better off looking to camp somewhere else? Also how has everyone else done this year for the archery hunt?
  13. Roboz

    3rd time in 4 years - 3/3 opening am

    looks like a great time...congrats!
  14. Roboz

    Javi tag in mail

    Got mine Monday as well 18B archery
  15. Cant wait, i will be down next week for 3 days chasing them around!