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  1. At sportsman's they are $749 for a 28" barrel and $899 for a 26", not sure why there is such a difference? She just got a good deal that day.
  2. My wife bought me a 12 gauge Weatherby orion 2 years ago for Christmas, i haven't pulled out my auto or pump guns since. I love this gun, its a shooter too and she picked it up for $599 at sportsman's a week before Christmas on sale.
  3. Roboz

    More snackers

    Very nice, it has been a great year for sure!
  4. Roboz

    N.I.B Remington 11-87

    Sale pending
  5. I have hunted around Roosevelt a few times, it didnt seem to matter where i hunted, i always found birds. Try the campaign creek area, it was always a good area for me, i havent been up there in a few years so im not sure if that area has been affected by the fires
  6. Roboz

    N.I.B Remington 11-87

    I would consider trade for an over under with 26 inch barrels. Or $450
  7. Went out Friday morning with my son, put a few in the bag but they were jumping up way out there. Might have to go to the modified / IM next time.
  8. Roboz

    N.I.B Remington 11-87

    Bought this about 8 months for my wife to use, but as you can see she had no interest in shooting it. Its brand new, never been assembled. Think i paid $580, will let go for $500
  9. Roboz


    Cant wait for the season to start, going to try my hand at mearns this year hopefully i can put a few in the bag. I went for one day last year and failed to connect, missed 2 birds and couldn't get my safety off when another jumped up from underneath my feet...that was a circus 🤣
  10. Roboz

    Go Get 'Em

    Good Luck to everyone, i will be down Thursday to do a little hunting with my son!
  11. Roboz

    2020 Javelina

    Congrat, sounds like a great hunt!
  12. Roboz


    Yes they are this is my 4th hunt for them going 3 out of 4, i have shot one using a call and as much fun as that was i still prefer spot and stalk.
  13. Roboz


    We didn't see very many, this group was all we saw in 3 days.