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  1. Westerhunter34

    WTB Steel for centerfire shooting

    Industrial metals supply has them local, 3/8 and 1/2.
  2. Westerhunter34


    PM sent
  3. Westerhunter34


    Ok, thankyou
  4. Westerhunter34


    How old is he?
  5. Westerhunter34

    German Shorthair Pups

    Getting anxious, keep us posted
  6. Westerhunter34

    German Shorthair Pups

    Put me down as maybe, mine is 15 now, our hound dog passed about 6 weeks ago.
  7. Westerhunter34


    still available
  8. Westerhunter34

    rifle build

    +1 for Todd at southern xpress
  9. Might try lowering your price if you want to move these. I bought my on offer up for $160, they were like new.
  10. Westerhunter34

    SOLD .243 Remington 700 CDL 600.00 OBO

  11. Westerhunter34

    ZEISS Terra 4-12x42 RZ8

    Just sold one on here a week ago with the duplex reticle. It went for 300 NIB, took about 4 weeks to sell. You might lower your price if you are looking to move it faster.
  12. Westerhunter34

    Zeiss Terra 4-12x42 NIB SOLD

  13. Westerhunter34

    Zeiss Terra 4-12x42 NIB SOLD

  14. Westerhunter34

    Sendero Stock

    Thank you, looking for a SA.
  15. Westerhunter34

    Sendero Stock

    LA or SA?