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  1. CashVeo

    Looking for imr8133

    Sending PM. I have a pound
  2. CashVeo

    FS/FT 6.5 Hornady 143 Eld-x

    Back up. Fell through. $70 per box
  3. CashVeo

    FS/FT 6.5 Hornady 143 Eld-x

    For sale for $70 per box, 2 boxes for trade- looking for N565 powder or Berger 6.5- 156 grain In Buckeye
  4. CashVeo

    WTB Hornady 6.5 ELD-X Projectiles

    You don’t happen to have any Berger 156 6.5 do you?
  5. Looking to trade for 6.5 Berger 156g. Let me know if your interested in a trade and we can talk about amounts. 1 lb of IMR8133 1 box unopened 50 count Barnes 6.5 127 GR LRX 2 box- 200 count unopened 6.5 143eld-x
  6. CashVeo

    Sold- Antelope decoy

    Appreciate the advice
  7. CashVeo

    Sold- Antelope decoy

    Looking for an antelope decoy for a buddy. Trying here before retail. Would need to get it in the valley by next Tuesday. Let me know what you have.
  8. CashVeo

    Polaris rims and tires $225

    They sure are, look like they were off the factory floor yesterday. Haha. Garage kept the whole time.
  9. CashVeo

    Polaris rims and tires $225

    Yes I do
  10. CashVeo

    Sold- Leupold Rangefinder $125

  11. CashVeo

    Sold- Leupold Rangefinder $125

    Buckeye- headed to north valley this afternoon
  12. RX-$1200i TBR works perfect, nothing wrong with it. I just upgraded to something with more distance.