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  1. W250

    How old do you say he is?

    Was it the Taylor Swift sightings on the Super Bowl that woke you up?
  2. W250


    Where are you located?
  3. W250

    Awning replacement on travel trailer

    I appreciate the feedback!
  4. W250

    Awning replacement on travel trailer

    Sounds like it’s a good thing I have boys that love to heck their oll man out😁
  5. Has anyone had an awning replaced on a trailer recently if so what should I expect for price. Or how big of a pain in the ### is it to do yourself?
  6. W250

    How long until cards are hit??

    My conspiracy theory is G&F is tired of us killing! I’m going to be a bear to deal with if I don’t get hit!!!
  7. W250

    Help a hunting family in need

    Sad to hear! Hark was a great man!
  8. W250

    Any Alamo reports?

    Also supposed to head down in two weeks but I think we will keep an eye on the reports, might push it a week or two if needed. Good luck!!
  9. W250


    Boarman, if only everyone were as a top notch person as your self. I’m sure your messages to him were were very encouraging. Probably pissed him off enough he will take his business somewhere else. I don’t think you are as good as you think you are at reading a book by its cover. heck if I was a betting man I have a feeling I’d win this one!
  10. W250

    Any Alamo reports?

    Has anyone been braving the drift wood?
  11. W250

    Sonoran Desert Find Tool?

    Looks like a tool for making arrow shafts for killing cowboys
  12. W250

    Daughters first coues deer

    Smile says it all!! Congrats girl! And dad
  13. W250


    First year hunting border units, had a blast killed two great bucks and WALKED over piles of trash. Never felt uncomfortable seen some great country and enjoyed every bit of it. If the dark scares ya stay away😂.