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  1. Long range talk with Leland, carl, jimmy and myself. http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-mmy5c-6d8838
  2. Owens Armory

    300 win mag bullet options?

    Because the guys who love them are turning animals inside out under 600 yards shooting big magnums. the longer range shots on smaller game they blow right threw with not enough energy to do massive damage. but elk are thick enough skinned heavier boned the vids open. I'm am sold on using the eldx we have killed elk deer bears all with a 6.5 eldx all in the 700 yards plus the opens the way its suppose to every time. Got to find that happy medium between energy and bullet expansion! very strange you can't get eldx to group what is your load?
  3. Owens Armory

    rear rifle support question

    I'm sorry i just seen the high seated position the primos sticks are awesome
  4. Owens Armory

    rear rifle support question

    http://wiebad.mybigcommerce.com i carry wiebad bags or a short action custom rear bag on all my hunts. there light and just clip to my backpack same set up i compete with.
  5. Got it done in Mexico with our new magnum hunter series rifle in 28 nosler
  6. Owens Armory

    Long range scope help???

    Save your money look into the gen new vortex viper they just came out with or a Burris Xtr both awesome scopes for the 1000 dollar range and both ffp. I would not trust dialing a Nikon up and down over and over
  7. Owens Armory

    Come test your skills

    The match won't be extremely physical and running around but will consist of moving and shooting different positions and won't be strictly a belly match... Awesome photo I love catching wild life photos when I get time I got a cannon 7d mk11 and 400mm cannon lens what are you running...
  8. Yes we do Its hard to find a good smith to re-barrel these since the action threads are metric. Metric is no problem for us
  9. Owens Armory

    Come test your skills

    I have been shooting prs matches since the first year and have traveled all over the country competing for 5 years now. I enjoy the sport and it all started out to be a better shot for hunting and I got hooked lol. But if any one just wants to be better in the feild you need to try a few of these matches you will be amazed how much better shooter you will become. We can all shoot off our bellys but when your in Mexico shooting off the side of a hill half standing half kneeling on a tripod you will be prepared to make those 500+ yard difficult shots and feel confident doing so
  10. Owens Armory

    Come test your skills

    100 shooters $250 entry includes t-shirts lunches both days engraved yeti tumbler and some other stuff beer on Sunday at awards etc or any one is welcome to come watch or help
  11. Owens Armory

    Come test your skills

    I know it's not hunting related but these matches can make any shooter hunter walk away with valuable practice hunting or hobby
  12. Owens Armory

    Come test your skills

    This is a 2 day 200 round practical long range shooting rifle match various positional shots from rooftops ,barricades trees, prone etc targets from 300-1500 yards most targets being in the 400-1000 range. There will be a big prize table with a ton of huge name sponsors and some of the best shooters in the country competing. A calIber restriction of .30 and 3150fps.
  13. Owens Armory

    Come test your skills

    http://nationalrifleleague.org/owens-armory-sickness-distance-battle-royale/ Come test your skills and up your shooting abilities will be a great time and a chance to shoot with some of the best shooters in the country
  14. Do you do bolt fluting ? We do strait flutes and send out for spiral flutes but yes we do fluting