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    Spending lots of time with my wife on the ranch. Rifle and bow hunting for big game. Hanging around a campfire with family and friends. Keeping me and my 11 horses in shape.
  1. 22Jet

    36-C Late Rifle Hunt

    Enjoying family and harvesting a nice buck. Doesn't get much better then that. Congrats!
  2. 22Jet

    Determination Pays off

    Way to get it done on a nice buck, congrats!
  3. 22Jet

    First Coues!

    Nice job on a couple of good bucks!
  4. 22Jet

    2017 Super Moon Coues

    Nice work! Congrats.
  5. 22Jet

    I'll take him

    But of course it does...no brainer. Lets not turn this into a jealous negative thing. (on roads you're not supposed to be on while hunting) WITH DUE RESPECT YOU ARE INCORRECT WITH THAT STATMENT. #ranchmanagerhaskeysandaccesstolockedgates365daysayear
  6. 22Jet

    My 44BN ram

    Outstanding Ram. Congratulations!
  7. Well done! Congrats on an awesome shot and great buck!!
  8. 22Jet

    No tag soup for me!

    Great story, excellent shooting and nice first coues buck. Congrats!
  9. 22Jet

    First Bear

    How exciting is that, call in a great bear to 25yds and kill it with your bow. Congrats!
  10. 22Jet

    My brother's first buck

    His bad luck took a right turn. Congrats!
  11. 22Jet

    2017 Desert Buck

    Solid desert buck. Congrats!
  12. 22Jet

    Another NM Muley

    Good buck congrats!
  13. 22Jet

    12AW Late buck

    Cool Buck!
  14. 22Jet

    2017 youth buck

    This is what hunting is all about. Congrats and thanks for sharing your story.