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  1. Looking to purchase a razor hd spotter
  2. braden_bb

    WTB Tikka t3x lite 7mm REM MAG

    Let me know if you or someone you know is selling please. Thank
  3. braden_bb

    Vortex Razor HD 22-48x65mm Straight LNIB

    still for sale?
  4. braden_bb

    WTB glock 42 or 43

    Looking to buy a glock 42 or 43 if you or someone you know is selling please let me know. Thanks
  5. braden_bb

    Maven B2 11x45's

    Anyone look through these binos or have a personal review on them?
  6. braden_bb

    WTT KUIU VIAS 5200 ICON PRO Bag Only

    I will sale the bag for 160
  7. braden_bb


  8. braden_bb


    Draw 27inch 70# fuse stabilizer, vapor-trail pro v rest, trophy ridge 5 pin, two piece quiver String is in good shape has normal wear was replaced 2 years ago $400 obo
  9. braden_bb

    Unit 32 Galiuro Wilderness Access

    Thanks for all the info guys. Is there no access at all on the westside? I see Whitlock road and YLE Ranch road come in off the west but not sure if you can actually get down through those ranches. I don't need a trail head just a point that is not making me hike 15 miles like going up the basset trail on the southern part.
  10. Wanting to know which is the best access point to be able to backpack into the Galiuro Wilderness area coming from Mesa (east-valley area)? I keep reading access is pretty limited throughout the unit any info would help. Also people usually packing in water or finding seeps? Thanks
  11. braden_bb

    Coues population in 37B?

    I have seen them spread out in that unit as well. Even in lower desert areas.
  12. Have a brand new 2016 KUIU Vias ICON PRO 5200, looking for a 5200 Verde