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    First coues

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    First coues

    I left new Mexico headed for Arizona late Friday afternoon. We arrived in camp around midnight and after a short four hours woke up to begin the hike in to the hunting area. Daylight found us hiking up a sign covered ridge to get a vantage point to glass from. After an hour we had turned up a doe and a fawn so we decided to work our way further up the ridge for a little different view. As I was wading through the shoulder high grass and oak brush I spotted a deer slipping across the ridge in front of me. I eased forward hoping for another glimpse and made it to the end of the ridge without another glimpse. I sat down on a rock to contemplate which thicket he had given me the slip in. Just then I caught movement in a header below me and saw a deer walking at 150 yards. I set up my rifle and got behind it while my cousin inspected the deer and confirmed there were two bucks with the front being the largest. I quickly picked up the deer and with the shooting window disappearing I settled on the deer and squeezed the trigger. The deer dropped on the spot and rolled down the hillside. I got him quartered and the meat divided and the packout began. There was a fair amount of slipping tripping and cussing but two hours later we were back at the truck having a celebratory beer. He is not a big buck by any means but he does have some character and a really cool deformation on his left antler. I am happy to have taken him.
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    Fun hunt in New mexico

    heck yeah nice bulls
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    I wouldn't mind if it was sheep ha ha
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    Just called cabelas, 300 pending charge. Looks like I'm hunting coues this year
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    Gila wilderness bulls.

    Here's a couple
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    What music have you been listening to?

    Ryan Bingham radio on Pandora
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    New Mexico Elk

    The quality and high demand designation is based completely on how many people put in for a hunt. Lots of people put in for the really good hunts so those are the ones designated as Q/HD
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    NM sheds

    Found these sheds while hunting in NM last year